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Live from NPR NEws, I'm Jeanine Herbst.

In North Carolina today friends and family gathered at the second memorial service for George Floyd, the man killed by Minneapolis police on Memorial Day. At the service sheriff Hubert Peterkin said law enforcement needs to adopt real changes in the week of Floyd's killing.

I dream about being a law enforcement officer. Ever since I was ten years old. But that dream is not turning into a nightmare. You see I found out, I realize that if I deny all the wrong the law enforcement doing today, I am denying the color of my skin.

Before the first service started, Peterkin took a spot a month protesters marching today in Floyd's name.

Meanwhile tens of thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in the nation's capital on the hot and humid day. The crowds continue to swell in DC through the later afternoon. Protesters walked to the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and other iconic sites calling for justice for George Floyd and for an end to police brutality. NPR's Laura Sullivan is there.

The largest crowds yet have gathered in DC today. The protests have been peaceful as many as 20,000 people have gathered in the city to protest police brutality in the week of George Floyd's death. Several thousands people are taking a knee on the pavement of Pennsylvania anenue. Police and law enforcement officials are watching from the sidelines but not interfering. The day has been marked so far by calm and no violent actions between police and protesters. Laura Sullivan NPR News, Washington.

DC'a mayor Muriel Bowser was also there standing on 16 street. That road leads to the White House. This week Bowser had artist paint, black lives matter and giant yellow letters on the streets. Part of the road was renamed black lives matter plaza, an honor of the movement.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he applaused the Erie county district attorney for quickly bringing charges against two Buffalo police officers who were seen on the video shoving a senior citizen to the ground at a protest. From member station WSHU, Desiree D'Iorio has more.

In a video shot by member station WBFO two officers can be seen pushing an older man to the ground on Thursday night. They appeal to ignore him as he lies motionless and bleeding. Police initially said the man quote, tripped and fell. Cuomo says the public will no longer tolerate delays in justice.

I think there was criminal liability from what I saw in the video. And I think what the mayor did and what this district attorney did was right.

Both officers had been suspended without pay triggering the mass resignation of dozens of officers from the department's emergency response unit. For NPR News, I'm Desiree D'Iorio  in New York.

This is NPR.

Demonstrations are also taking place in cities around the world today to fight back against police violence. Richard Bungeonox reports from Melbourne, Australia.

Protesters defied government's social distancing rules to march against races and police brutality. People held signs that read sand soil different soil. White Australia has a black history and I can't breathe. But George Floyd 911 said, and David Dungay on the event, Dungay was a 26-year-old Aboriginal man, who died in a jail hospital after being restrained by guards. One of the activists, Suan Hunterxxx, spoke about heavy racism greatly impacts indigenous Australians. A showing by the disproportionately high rates in canceration in the number of deaths in custody. Bulking more than 32, average from people who have died in police custody since a high level government inquiry to aboriginal deaths in custody almost three decades ago. For NPR News, I'm Richard Bungeonoxxx in Melbourne.

Protests are also being held today in London, Berlin and Paris.

Facebook says it has removed nearly 200 social media accounts that it says will link to white supremacist groups. The company says those groups were attempting to exploit the protests over George Floyd's death. Facebook though, the social media giant did not release the names that are listed on those accounts.

I'm Jeanine Herbst and you are listening to NPR News.
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1.     PDT visited a company in Maine that makes swabs used for cvt. As NPR's XX explains, T went after the state's govr for his view not reopening quickly enough.

This was an official visit, not a campaign event, but at times it was hard to tell, Maine's electoral votes are split by congressional district. And in 2016, Trump won a single electoral vote.

"I need to win at one point. I would like to win the whole state. Could you mind, please?"

Although he was there to praise Puritan Medical Products for upping its production of nasal swabs, Trump also took a swipe at Maine's Democratic govr Jane Mills.

"What are you going to open the state up? Oh seriously, you gonna miss the whole. You know, you do 40 million people in tourism. And you have a govr that won't let you open up. What's she doing?"

Maine is in the midst of a phased reopening.

2.    Negotiators for the city of Minneapolis are agreeing with the state to ban the use of chokeholds by police and require police to report and intervene when they see an unauthorized use of force by another officer. The move is part of an agreement from the city and Minnesota Department of Human Rights which launched a civil rights investigation this week in response to the death of George Floyd in police custody. Floyd died May 25, handcuffed and face down on the ground after a white Minneapolis police officer kept a knee press to the unarmed black man's neck for more than eight minutes.

3.  Even if there were signs the labor market is regaining some of its lost sting from the cvp, some companies are still laying people off. Bombardier Aviation加拿大庞巴迪航空 says it reduced the size of its current workforce by 2500 due to challenges related to C19. The company says it's making the move due to a forecast business jet deliveries industry wide are likely to be down 30%.

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4.    Stocks......

5.    Get another study showing that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine has no benefit in terms of patients suffering from C19. The study of the UK looked at more than 1500 patients and found the drug did not reduce deaths or time in the hospital or any other factors compared with normal care. As a result, health officials say they will stop putting ppl on the drug. The drug was widely touted for a time by PT. Once he told reporters at one point he was taking it.   

6.    Cristobal (crease-toe-ball) has regained tropical storm strength after crossing Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and moving into the Gulf of Mexico . NPR's XX reports, tropical storm conditions are likely to reach the US Gulf Coast over the weekend.

Tropical storm Cristobal is on a path to make landfall in Louisiana early Monday with 60 mile an hour winds and up to a 4 foot storm surge. Govr John Bel Edwards has declared a state of emergency to prepare for the impact.

"The greatest threat will be heavy rainfall, and flash flooding, river flooding, with minor to moderate coastal flooding as well due to storm surge.”

Energy companies are evacuating offshore oil and gas rigs in advance of the storm, curtailing about 30% of oil production in the gulf. The storm will affect much of the Northern Gulf Coast, from the Texas-Louisiana state line, to the Big Bend of Florida.

7.    Scores of retired military and defense leaders are denouncing PT and accusing him of using US armed forces to undermine the rights of average Americans' protesting police brutality and the killing of George Floyd.