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标题: [影片快递] 2014-08-24 十一月杀手 November Man [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2014-8-24 07:57     标题: 2014-08-24 十一月杀手 November Man

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Movie Minutes:普特英语影片快递第359期:





片名:十一月杀手 November Man





主演:皮尔斯·布鲁斯南 | 欧嘉·柯瑞兰寇 | 卡特琳娜·斯柯松 | 威尔·帕顿 | 比尔·斯米托洛维奇




编剧:Michael Finch | 卡尔·盖杜谢克

上映日期:2014-08-27 (美国)


剧情:人称“十一月杀手”的彼得·德卫洛克斯(皮尔斯·布鲁斯南 饰)是一名前CIA探员,本已金盘洗手的他打算享受来之不易的安静生活,然而他的计划却被打乱了——一个与他有非同寻常关系的重要证人正面临杀身之祸(欧嘉·柯瑞兰寇 饰),而她掌握着揭发数十年阴谋的关键证据。为了保护证人彼得不得不与CIA全面开战,而局里派来解决他的正是他昔日的徒弟与挚友(卢克·布雷西 饰)。面临阴谋和背叛,一场恶战即将展开……

An ex-CIA operative is brought back in on a very personal mission and finds himself pitted against his former pupil in a deadly game involving high level CIA officials and the Russian president-elect.

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作者: xubiao70    时间: 2014-8-24 23:21     标题: [Homework]2014-08-24 十一月杀手 November Man

Peter  D
Noway used to call you.
The November man.
It's after you fast througth.
Nothing leave.
Peter you need to look at this.
She is in trouble.
She has the information on a agency.
Had those killed, keep secret.
Do you want her relief?
You get to back in game.
Excuse me, Direct call for you.
Yes Hello.
Listen to me very carefully.
The woman young waiter is killer.
Turn around, her men,behind you.
Run fast.
Back, when I stormier.
It's Debrole
I know they trained you.But face with her and She is instern.
It is called .....
Do you have problem with call.
As Weland told you sir.
With those man maybe Greece.
Come on
The agents CIA
In this cades best sass my the other train.
Look and fire again.
You bring out the burst of me.
Do you have any idea who you're working for?
You once coming?
We talk about it.
They are now with two in your head, you maybe a mad because you never had a daddy.
I get them.
Tell me about your target?
mill, old, .....gills
Motor the best bend them behind.
Oh you,
Translight killing you?

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