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He's test firing, recalibrating and threatening to attack. As Kim Jong-un races to perfect its ballistic missile capability, there are serious questions whether the US can defend against that threat. The anti-missile system that would shoot down North Korean missiles may not work. There are wiring problems with American interceptor, according to a new report from the government watchdog GAO. Those are ground-launched systems based in California and Alaska. GAO says the wiring and soldering problems it found in the interceptors could cause corrosion later, 'leaving the warfighter with an interceptor fleet that may not work as intended'.
What's really sad is that you can't count on the vehicle. If you used, for example, a kind of solder or wiring that doesn't eat well, and you used that in every single interceptor. You don't know that one will fail at any given time, but you know that you have a weakness at every single interceptor. So you really can't count on the reliability.
The US Missile Defense Agency which fields those interceptors tell CNN that its interceptions show no indication of corrosion, no reliability risk. But Boeing, the manufacturer, tells us it's working on upgrading the interceptor. This stuns us that the US and South Korea according to South Korea's national news agency are ramping up their defenses against the North Korean submarine threat. An Aegis destroyer, an P-8 Poseidon plane and submarines are taking taking part in large scale joint exercises in the waters off South Korea.
Recently North Korea brags as it successfully test fired a ballistic missile from a submarine. US officials say that claim is fault, that Kin's regime doesn't have that capability. But experts say they are working furiously to develop it, and once they get it, it will be dangerous.
Having a submarine means it is much harder to detect the new North Korean nuclear-armed ballistic missile. From the Sea of Japan, they can directly threaten Guam with nuclear strike. In the future, when they are operational, if they manage to get into the * cost, they can threaten Alaska.

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