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标题: [影片快递] 2015-08-02 神奇四侠2015 Fantastic Four [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2015-8-2 07:38     标题: 2015-08-02 神奇四侠2015 Fantastic Four

Movie Minutes:普特英语听力影片快递第408期: 



片名:神奇四侠2015 Fantastic Four  又名:  新神奇四侠

类别:动作/ 科幻

主演:迈尔斯·特勒/ 凯特·玛拉/ 迈克尔·B·乔丹/ 托比·凯贝尔/ 杰米·贝尔

编剧:西蒙·金伯格/ 杰克·科比/ 斯坦·李/ 乔什·特兰克


剧情: 理查德博士的科学梦想即将实现!他将飞往宇宙风暴的中心,揭开人类基因的密码。同行的还有,项目赞助人冯·杜姆、宇航员本·格林姆、博士的前女友苏·斯通以及她弟弟约翰尼·斯通。不料,飞船接近风暴中心时,由于计算错误,导致飞船被宇宙射线所吞没!大难逃生返回地球后,组员们的基因因宇宙射线的影响,发生了变异,他们具有了各个不同的超能力。理查德、苏、约翰尼和本组成了“神奇四侠”,利用宇宙射线所赋予的超能力去打击黑暗势力、帮助世界。杜姆获得超能力后变身成为了“毁灭钢眼博士”,正在实施他的邪恶计划。神奇四侠出击了!

Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.




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作者: xubiao70    时间: 2015-8-2 18:56     标题: [Homework]2015-08-02 神奇四侠2015 Fantastic Four

Earth transmitting tell pull you south.Even you feel could build this.
I feel really those could.
Is this next year flying car?
Not working on that anynore,

See, you insane,
It's our duty.
As human being.

The push ball were into young nose.
But sometimes
You are looking to discover one thing.
Any fine something else.

Just mercy my friends.
We can case the pass,
So we can have new future.

How many the heat resistant world shelf?
I know big awesome.
They are dangerous and powerful.
Wish make some thrillingly valuale to the government.

You promise me you wouldn't use my kits, just a weapon.

You think be that power.
And do you.
You know only the thing about what's coming.

What do yours coming?

This worship can make different.
The families.
If we do this.
You do at our way.

You'd afraid say No.

Say yes.
This is end of your world and beginning of mine.

You're stronger than an evil.

Beside strong, and in order.

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