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CNN 20151101

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作者: 1977    时间: 2015-11-1 18:11

If a student does something wrong, how far can schools  discipline that student under the law. The answer to that question has changed a lot in just a less  few decades. It used to be police officers really wanted in shools thirty years ago, but that all changed in the 1990s. In 1994 congress passed the gun-free schools act. The act requires states receiving federal funding to pass some very specific laws about student discipline. This laws led to a massive increase of plolice presence in schools. The school resource officer or SRO is a deputized ploice officer who stationed right there on campus. As a result, schools now have police forces station on campus. Not surprisingly conducts that used to be just on-campus disciplines became a criminal case. There is arguably some good justification for increased police presence in school. There have been tragic school shootings over the last couple of decades and there are real concerns about increased security on campus. So when it comes to schools' disciplining students, the legal authority has expanded dramatically. If a student misbehaves, brings weapons to school, or otherwise breaks the law, school resource officers can and will arrest the student. It's what we have deputized them to do, and it is within the law.

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