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标题: [访谈录] 2015-11-10&11-12 民调失意 杰布·布什试图重振竞选势头 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2015-11-10 07:32     标题: 2015-11-10&11-12 民调失意 杰布·布什试图重振竞选势头

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 Jeb Has a New Look, But Is He too Trained?

The co-hosts discuss the candidates overnight transition and whether or not it is working.

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作者: xingxingcamille    时间: 2015-11-13 04:34


There's a whole new Jeb Bush on the campaign trail right now. He really seems to be trying to change the perception of how low energy he actually is. So take a look at the new Jeb.

“We're Americans, damn it. We're not from another place. It's not about the politicians with the great lines. It's not about the big personalities on the stage.”

“Are you doing a photo bomb there? You're welcome. Aim to please.”

“By the way, good energy tonight. I actually have pretty good energy every night.”

He's been grinding, so…”

Is it another case of candidate being media trained or is he to show their fun side? I thought they didn't want to show their fun side. Isn't that what pissed everybody off about CNBC. I thought they didn't want to be fun. Make up your mind.

I don't think that was fun for them. That was different,

I don't think they should train to the point you can tell they were trained. ‘Coz a good media trainer, I think, would be subtle things that you bring out. I don't want to see Jeb Bush jumping all over the place like...The reason I think people like…

But is that the real Jeb Bush? Is that who we haven't seen or, you know.

Did you see how he X? I don’t think that’s him.

He's actually been running and that's how he's lost so much weight. And you know because I met him a couple weeks ago, talked to him on the show, and he was super charming. He gave a speech. Politically I don't agree with him but he was a lovely guy. And I wonder if that is him. I think the issue here is that, well, you know, ever since he lost the weight, you know I think he’s lost a little bit of himself along with that weight in a way. I’ll be honest.

It happens. It happens.

When people get skinny they stop being funny because they're like “damn, I look good, I don't have to be funny any more.” It's like my dream -- by the way -- not to be funny anymore but to be so thin.

It’s true. And I also wondered, like, you know everyone wants them to have energy and be personable, but does China or Russia really care how excited they are on the campaign trail? They just want someone to talk to and someone that can have communication with them open. I mean, keep it together. And also I've been media trained my whole entire life and it depends on who trains you and if you had some beforehand and if you've changed totally after you've had the training, and we can really tell.

I think he's been trained by Caesar Milan. I just saw everyone X the dog whisperer. And he…if you just get me in the neck, I'll shut up.

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