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标题: [自然百科] 2016-01-04 BBC:意大利风情:The Art of the Feast—28 [打印本页]

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动物世界、地球奇观、生命奇迹、未解之谜、人与自然、生态环境 ,参与普特国家地理(自然百科)节目,我们一起认知我们的生存家园.

英国广播公司:意大利风情  BBC: Italy Unpacked

第一集:盛宴的艺术(The Art of the Feast)


艺术史学家Andrew Graham-Dixon和大厨Giorgio Locatelli穿行于意大利,探索这个国家的历史,文化,食物,艺术和风景。从著名的大城市都林(Turin)和米兰(Milan)到不太为人知的城市曼图亚(Mantua)和费拉拉(Ferrara),他们将敬仰古代的艺术杰作和当代意大利艺术,并享受沿途各地的地方美食。 

Andrew Graham-Dixon和Giorgio Locatelli的旅程启程于博洛尼亚(Bologna), 这座意大利最富裕的地区之一的艾米利亚-罗马涅(Emilia-Romagna)的首府。两人拜访了这里的商店、艺术机构以及世界上最古老的大学,了解到了为什么这座城市以“博识”(the Learned)、“丰满”(the Fat)和“玫红”(the Red)闻名。

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A*, an original workshop and office founded here in 1929, is still standing, sheltered by this spectacular museum, designed by architect Young C*. It's a perfect demonstration of how tradition meets modernity and technology in this region. A: It's all white. It's like an art gallery. Cars are on plinth.
G: So beautiful, aren't they?
A: I think cars deserve to be looked upon in terms of, you know,
G: Especially these cars.
A: That's sculpture for looking.
G: Look at the beautiful shape and ...
A: It's funny when we look at these cars as if they are sculptures, but they do actually look like sculpture in the 1940s. Think of Henry Moore, when you think of art. That sort of bimorphemic. That was in the air, so even the castle like that.
G: Even if you are ugly, you're good at this one.
A: Ferrari seems to meet the man who almost literally gives his ** engine to drive into the future.  
Emilia-Romagna has also given the world G*, M*, Lamborghini. What a roll call for one fairly small region?
A: This real modernistic and its culture of design, why do you think it flourished in northern Italy?
G: I think it's the passion at drive. You know, they want to show everybody they can do something really great. They dream about win. That's what Ferrari used to say, I dream about being Ferrari. I dreamt to be Ferrari, and I become Ferrari. You know, I dreamt it. You know, can you imagine how strong you must be feeling to dream about it?
A: No more Medici.
G: No more Medici. No more **. No more that. They too demand along. And it took on through, ensuring something you can do. So they went forwards with that.

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