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标题: [CNN] CNN 2016-01-16 [打印本页]

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CNN 20160116

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作者: ht511677637    时间: 2016-1-16 10:49

Homework:There is a major breaking news sent to CNN.According to US

defense official,Iran has seized US navy boats and 10 American sailors

have been detained.It's the breaking news right now.James,what can you

tell us?It's seriously alarming situation underway.We have words from

both defense official and the senior militarization official the two

small US navy boats,they were in transit from * to *,that they were

detained by the Iranian naval vessels with 10 US sailors on board.US

ambassador has been in touch with the Iranian authority and confirmed

those 10 sailors are in Iranian custody.Although the senior

militarazation official said they were asured by Iranian authority,and

believed they will soon be released.They've been assured that they're

healthy and in good condition,regardless however in this dangerous

water,there are conflicts between really military,between US and Iran,

just had those sailors in custody,certainly a very serious situation

here.Remember,a couple of weeks ago,Iranian naval boats,small naval

boats,fired a rocket very close to US military aircraft area.Also,from

the * gulf. Taken in the sign by both sides of officials that at least

sending a message that they are not try to put the area in

danger,certainly a message.And this one you might be able to take it as

one as well.And I don't have to mention the time when the presidents

from the Iraninan Union giving the final Syrian Union address whether

it would be  certain or very likely to mention Iran's nuclear

deal,which was dazed away from the implementation.The implementation

meaning when those punishing economic sanctions to Iran would be lifted

in conjunction with that nuclear deal.But the timing with the Federal

nuclear Union.Was that nuclear deal coming?Certainly,it was a very

dangerous and concerning timing.

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