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标题: [自然百科] 2016-02-20 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—10 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-2-20 08:00     标题: 2016-02-20 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—10


动物世界、地球奇观、生命奇迹、未解之谜、人与自然、生态环境 ,参与普特国家地理(自然百科)节目,我们一起认知我们的生存家园.

英国广播公司:意大利风情  BBC: Italy Unpacked

第二集:未来的畅想Looking to the Future


艺术史学家Andrew Graham-Dixon和大厨Giorgio Locatelli穿行于意大利,探索这个国家的历史,文化,食物,艺术和风景。从著名的大城市都林(Turin)和米兰(Milan)到不太为人知的城市曼图亚(Mantua)和费拉拉(Ferrara),他们将敬仰古代的艺术杰作和当代意大利艺术,并享受沿途各地的地方美食。 

Andrew Graham-Dixon和Giorgio Locatelli旅程的第二部分来到了Giorgio的家乡伦巴蒂(Lombardy)地区;在这里,由于接近北欧,着眼于未来的工业创新随处可见。 

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作者: mintzoe    时间: 2016-2-20 22:31     标题: [Homework]2016-02-20 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—10

A: Giorgio, I think that's the first time I've ever seen the front of Milan Cathedral without huge amounts of scaffold on it. G: First time I see so wide. Yeah, even in the picture of P*, the one you buy at Christmas is a picture of it. And it's much greater of it than that.
A: It's wonderful this cathedral front. L* loved it. He talked about it. It's frost, crystal beauty. He thought it's almost like a snowflake that comes down to Earth. It's got that sort of structure of a snowflake. It's beautiful.
G: It's impressive, isn't it?
Built over 6 centuries, the cathedral's one of the largest in all of Europe. It's dedicated to the Madonna and is still one of the great pilgrimage sites in all of Italy. I've visisted many times and always find something new to marvel at. This time, we are going to explore a very different part of the building.
A: I love this. What a treat!  
We are on our way to the roof of the d*, the most ingenious part of its design.
A: How beautiful is that!
G: Here we arrive!
We've arranged to meet one of the engineers currently restoring the roof.

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