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We are starting from the Middle East today. Our first story is from Iran. Since last summer, we've been reporting on the controversial nuclear deal between Iran and several other countries led by the US. The agreement removed international sanctions on Iran, allowing billions of dollars to flow into its economy. In exchange, Iran is required to significantly limit its nuclear program. But while supporters and critics butt heads in the US about whether the agreement was acceptable. The deal was controversial in Iran, too and with the nation voting today on the make-up of its requirement, it's Iran's first parliamentary election after the nuclear deal went into effect. F. is there in the Iranian capital reporting how the issues factor into the vote.   
Campaigning Iranian style. Volunteers from the reform movement hand out flyers in T.'s traffic. They said they are confidence but not certain they'll win.
"It's unclear what would happen because Iranian only make up their minds in the last minute," he said. But the moderate's position is much better than that of the conservatives. T. is plastered with election posters as the fierce battle between the reformers around President Hassan Rouhani and the conservatives  around the powerful clergy unfold.
Many observers view the coming elections as extremely important and also a referendum on Hassan Rouhani's politics of opening Iran up to the West. The divisions were exasperatedly by the recent nuclear agreement designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and return for sanctions relief.
"We support the Rouhani government and the nuclear deal," the reformer says. We should a parliament to support and not to block Rouhani policies."
But many conservatives view that as a threat. Death to America, they chant at this hard line rally. They believe Iran has opened itself to American infiltration with the nuclear agreement.   
We think the nuclear deal to be American interference, she says. And we will fight against it and hopefully defeat it. Our nation will not allow America to influence our affairs. The decisions Iranian voters make this Friday could do more than just alter the make up of its parliament.  They could also influence the country's course toward the West and some believe the stability of its political system.
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Local mothers were involved in the design of the necklace. It's similar to those worn by newborns in parts of India called a 'tabeez'.
Babli said: Women make our babies wear the black thread around their neck, so that babies are protected from the evil eye.
For researchers, marrying tradition with technology converts a superstitious belief into better health behavior.
Mohammed Shahnawaz, one of the team behind Khushi Baby, said: It has got a cultural significance here and people do wear such type of wearable in this part of India.
This pendant is less than a dollar cost, it's rugged, waterproof and can be replicated into other form factors like bangles for mothers, like watches for elders.
Khushi Baby was originally designed by undergraduate students at Yale University in 2013. Since then the team has gone on to raise $350,000 in funding and has partnered with a local Indian NGO.
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