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at every four years. I'm Carl Azuz, first up, a sustation of hostility meaning a poors in the fighting was suposed to take effect in Syria over the weekend, its civil war has been going on for almost 5 years. The UN says it's killed at least a quarter million people and forcing millions of others to leave their homes.  Two ways truth was scheduled to start last Friday. a Syria rebel group said it has been effective in flowing down violence. but several airstrikes were reported yesterday, it's not clear yet who is responsible and the attack threaten the truth, this is reportedly video from the air strike, but CNN can't independently confirm that,one of the challenges covering events in Syria, is that  there are so many different groups involved, the government, rebels, other countries. Cares like ISIS, who aren't part of the truth, because every conflict brings unique challenges and getting and communiting information that's something CNN's Wood Bristerland when covering the Gulf War to start 25 years ago.  

My first day at CNN was May 8, 1990, and US official hasn't editor threat to worry about. I was military correspondent for CNN. and I was required to be  cold war was winding down. and all of a sudden,  on Aug 1st a few weeks later in 1990, Sadam Husain stunk the world and invades Kuwait, and became a huge story the US obviously  got involved very quickly.
This was not stand aggression against Kuwait.  
this was the first real world that we had cameros on the scenes, here we have live satellites coverages of all the key locations and people can watch awards on poor life. At that time, we only do 24*7 lunar calender , please to report, we can go back to Barkdar now and our three correspondent there, let's see who picks up the phone.
...They were temporarily off the air
I remember very visibly I was at Pendigan, covering the war, the air war was starting, and the Iraqi responded by launching scar missile against targets in Soudi Arabia, where the US deployed thousands of thousands of troops. I remembered they started launching scar missiles at very target in Israel .

Until that the US and other allies air forces are revisiting many of the original targets making sure that  they were completely put out of commission.
And check out by sources of Pendiganm, and they  told me exactly where  i got landed .
we will be secretary, we are going to be force??? as we possibly can. inisibly i  went on the air and reported that. General called the top Pendigan official, what were you doing there, and i was confused i didn't know why they were so upset , they said you are spoting to  Sadam Husain , you are telling them precisly and they are watching you live on CNN right now, you are telling them where that missile landed, and that was the last time, we and other Television  news organization basically  specifically said where the scar were landing . and under scor this new powerful demention live were coverage  and reporters can inevitabley provide infor that can result in death and distruction a lot of people. so you don't want to do that.

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