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作者: shandayunwei    时间: 2016-3-11 15:05     标题: [Homework]CNN 2016-03-11

From Somalia we turn out to North Korea where Kim Jong-un's regime is threatening to launch its nuclear anti US and South Korea. That warning coming ahead of the largest ever joint military exercises between the two allies.

Pyongyang called the annual war game the rehearsal for invasion. Let's connect CNN's global affairs correspondent. How is the US responding to the threat from North Korea?

We got to remember that this is like textbook North Korea uses as exercises have been going on for 40 years, and every year North Korea threatens to launch the enemies into a sea of fire, and this year there isn't any difference. But it is in a different context.

This year, it comes under heels of that nuclear test by North Korea, that long range missile launch. Now the UN has slapped some pretty tough sanctions, so the tensions are really high. US taking the threat you know, seriously, but it * to North Korea listen, if you would not be doing such distablizing behavior on the region, maybe we would not have a need for thess exercises. And US says these exercises are the largest ever, so it shows that the US is very concerned about what's going on in the region right now.

Is North Korea capable of hitting the US?

Well, in short, we do not think so, but we do not know. You know, they have demonstrated that they have nuclear weapons. They have shown that they have these long range missile capabilities to launch into space, which feasibly means it's likely to hit the US. What we don't know is that they have been able to marry a nuclear warhead, fitted on a missile and launched to the US. This they have not tested yet, but you know top military commanders, officials say they believe that they are working very closely on it, moving closer, and everytime they test, they get even closer. So they may not be there right now, but they are moving towards it, and it's very concerning as evidence by all you see the US military operating in the region. All right. Thank you.

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