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This is a serious engine. In terms of horse power, you're looking at about 12 million and 4 of these things put together would generate about 2 million pounds of thrust. It's not new. NASA's RS25 rocket engine has been around since the 1970s. Its power dozens the space mission but NASA tested it again, in the hopes that the power future maned rocket missions to place like Mars. Hi, I'm Carl Azuz. Welcome to the show. We're one day after another super Tuesday of sorts in the US presidential nomination process. Voters in 5 days went to the polls yesterday to puck the Democrat and the Republican they want to appear on the presidential ballot this November. The latest result came yesterday contest are at CNN. com. There can be only one candidate from each party on the presidential ballot. Each time, a candidate wins a state. He or she wins a certain number of delegate from that state. The first candidate to reach a specific number of delegates overall would win the party's nomination. That's made official at the national conventions over the Summer. But what if no one wins enough delegates to c. a party's nomination? With several candidates in the race of the Republican side, this is a possibility and it could trigger something unique in American politics, a broker convention.    What is a broker convention? As the primary fight continue to heat up, we keep hearing people talk about the possibility of a GOP broker convention.
The idea of a broker convention.
That's what we talk about with the broker convention.
And if you do have a broker convention.
But what exactly is it? A broker convention happens when no candidate has a majority of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. The Republican candidate needs 1,237 to win the nomination. What happened at a broker convention? First, during the Republican National Convention, a delegate vote is taken. This is called the first ballot and if no candidate has the number of delegates needed, the convention is considered brokered and things start to get a bit more complicated. Once the convention is brokered, the delegates are no longer tied to their original candidate and are free to vote for whomever they want and all bets are off. This when serious wheeling and dealing takes place. Delegates can be persuaded to change their vote and the candidate who originally have  the most delegates may lose support and can be suddenly cast aside. The voting keeps on going until a candidate wins the designated number of delegates and  this can take some time  like it did in 1880.  
The 1880 reference is also similar in that you have 14 guys running in that primary. 14 just like this one. And the front runner, there were 3 front runners going into that. They went through 35 ballots. 35, and then the 2 of front runners ended up throwing their support behind a guy who wasn't even running. G.:
G. became the dark horse or an unexpected winner and this is what some people have been talking about when it comes to Mit Romney.   
It's likely coming to the nominee but then we might have broker convention if he's not. And that's clearly the scenario that Romney preferred which would of course blow everything wide open.  
So, will it come down to a broker convention? It's rare. The last GOP broker convention was back in 1948. But now, the race for the delegates is...

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