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First up . A battle for the city of Pamala.We reported on it before.It's an ancient landmark in cental Syria. The ISIS terrorist group took over Pamala last year, and they destroyed a pair of two-thousand-year-old temples there because ISIS believe they can inflict the group with severe interpretation of Islam.ISIS has used the city for mass executions.Now Syrian goverment troops are battling to take Pamala back. They have been helped by Russsian airstrikes.But the troops' progress into the city is slow because ISIS fighters reportedly leaves mines in places where they retreat.Pamala is a strategically important place. Capturing it could hinder the movement of ISIS.US-led airstrikes continue to target the terrorists and other parts of Syria.
Officials from the WHO say no one knows how far the Zikka virus will spread worldwide.A new study suggests it might have gotten to Brazil in 2013. There are now thousands of suspected cases there, hundreds in the US.And the virus has spread as far away as Australia,as some Australians who've travelled to the  Caribbian and other Zikka-affected areas, have returned home with the virus.It's particularly dangerous for the pregnant women.So Zikka threatens others as well.The mosquito that spread it is found in areas where more than half the global population live.
  Zikka, a virus unheard of seventy years ago, is exploding around the planet.the WHO call it a global health emergency. Common symptoms include fever,rash, headaches and red eyes, if there are any symtoms at all, for the people who get it don't even know it.Zikka threats primarily by the female ? mosquito. She is called the roadship of the mosquito world due to her crafty ways of hiding and breeding inside homes, making her hard to find and eliminate. Zikka is also linked to? a rare autoimmune disorder that can lead to ? But what makes Zikka really scary is its alarming connection between the virus and microcephony. That's a neurological disorder where babies are born with small heads and small brains, with severe developmental issues, even death.Some countries are so concerned that they are warning women not to get pregnant,while in the United States, CDC officials are telling pregnant women not to travel to any of the countries where Zikka is circulating.Scientists are working around the clock to check the virus, but as of yet there is no vaccine or medicine to treat Zikka.So protect yourself by using and applying insect repellant, wearing thick,long-sleeve shirts and pants and staying inside in screened airconditioned rooms in areas where Zikka is active, and be sure to remove any standing water where mosquitos can breed.

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