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标题: [自然百科] 2016-03-31 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—26 [打印本页]

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动物世界、地球奇观、生命奇迹、未解之谜、人与自然、生态环境 ,参与普特国家地理(自然百科)节目,我们一起认知我们的生存家园.

英国广播公司:意大利风情  BBC: Italy Unpacked

第二集:未来的畅想Looking to the Future


艺术史学家Andrew Graham-Dixon和大厨Giorgio Locatelli穿行于意大利,探索这个国家的历史,文化,食物,艺术和风景。从著名的大城市都林(Turin)和米兰(Milan)到不太为人知的城市曼图亚(Mantua)和费拉拉(Ferrara),他们将敬仰古代的艺术杰作和当代意大利艺术,并享受沿途各地的地方美食。 

Andrew Graham-Dixon和Giorgio Locatelli旅程的第二部分来到了Giorgio的家乡伦巴蒂(Lombardy)地区;在这里,由于接近北欧,着眼于未来的工业创新随处可见。 

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作者: mintzoe    时间: 2016-3-31 22:59     标题: [Homework]2016-03-31 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—26

Even though they never stand still, the people of Lombardy also never forget their roots. And much of Lombarian life is rooted in our food, the kind of staple dishes that I grow up eating. After a busy day, I think it's time for Andrew to experience local classic. G: We've been ** around a lot.
A: P* around?
G: Yeah, we're being in super-shops, you know that. I want to show you the really what people eat(s), you know...
A: So you are gonna to deep ** through food?
G: That's right. We're gonna check out one very important thing. This is very *ing. This is the ** we got any cabbage. We got cabbage, I can cook you a C**.
Hearty and earthy, the C* is just as representative of Lombary as M*. With the vagetable chosen, it's time to go to the butcher, the M**.
G: This is the M*. It has been here for 15 years, Andrew, you know. We are gonna meet Sam.
The meet is the most important part of the c*. This is a real northest tile eating. And I know ** was sort us out with the best guts.

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