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标题: [自然百科] 2016-04-09 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—29 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-4-9 08:00     标题: 2016-04-09 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—29


动物世界、地球奇观、生命奇迹、未解之谜、人与自然、生态环境 ,参与普特国家地理(自然百科)节目,我们一起认知我们的生存家园.

英国广播公司:意大利风情  BBC: Italy Unpacked

第二集:未来的畅想Looking to the Future


艺术史学家Andrew Graham-Dixon和大厨Giorgio Locatelli穿行于意大利,探索这个国家的历史,文化,食物,艺术和风景。从著名的大城市都林(Turin)和米兰(Milan)到不太为人知的城市曼图亚(Mantua)和费拉拉(Ferrara),他们将敬仰古代的艺术杰作和当代意大利艺术,并享受沿途各地的地方美食。 

Andrew Graham-Dixon和Giorgio Locatelli旅程的第二部分来到了Giorgio的家乡伦巴蒂(Lombardy)地区;在这里,由于接近北欧,着眼于未来的工业创新随处可见。 

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作者: mintzoe    时间: 2016-4-12 22:40     标题: [Homework]2016-04-09 BBC:意大利风情:未来的畅想Looking to the Future—29

G: Okay, we're happy. Finally, it's ready. It's time for Andrew to taste Lombardy.
G: Andrew, I introduce you to the c*. Smell that!
A: Emm, fantastic!
G: The nose.
A: It's lovely.
G: I'm gonna have the ears. I'll give half of my ear. Is that what Andrew you do?
A: You excavate some cabbage. Cabbage is fantastic. It could be p* with the mixture.
G: It could sweet all the **, you know.
A: Here's a bit of ear. It looks like cutting into jelly. Fantastic. Emm, very good.
G: Melting in your mouth.
A: It's fantastic food.
G: I love food that belongs to somewhere to a culture, and this is, for me, Lombardy.
A: Fantastic! Cheers!
G: Cheers!
A:I mean next ** eating.
G: That's okay. We've got time. Please yourself.
A: Gonna a lot to get room.
The K* was the perfect dish to change gear and leaders out of Milan. We've come to M* in the P* Valley, one of Lombardy's great treasures. Tranquil and elegant, it's home to the second great masterpiece I want to visit.

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