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SENEWS-20160428 Report

Education Report
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Education spending in the United States differs from school to school.


In the southern state of Mississippi, a school in Brookhaven spends $6,417 per student. Just 100 kilometers west, Natchez spends nearly $3,000 more.


Shannon Eubanks is a school principal, or head of school, in Brookhaven, Mississippi. He told VOA “Our kids don’t have a chance.”


Less money means students in Brookhaven don’t have a music or arts teacher, Eubanks said. Students must share computers and they ride old buses that should have been removed from service years ago.


Eubanks worked hard on a proposal last year to increase money for every Mississippi public school. But Mississippi voters defeated it.


“We just have to keep trying,” Eubanks said.


Who is paying for the schools?


For six months, National Public Radio (NPR) worked on a detailed report about what it calls education’s “money problem.”


It reported that even school districts located near each other get very different amounts of money.


The reason is that districts get money from a number of places, NPR explained. All states give money for schools, but some states give more than others.


Some states give more money to poor school districts than rich districts. The idea is that poorer districts need more help than richer districts. But other states give out money equally to rich and poor districts.


The federal government has programs to help poor districts, but the effect is limited. The federal government only pays for about 8 percent of Kindergarten-12th grade public school costs.


The largest share comes from local taxes on property. Communities with lots of wealthy people collect more property taxes and, as a result, have more money to spend on schools. The opposite is the case for poor communities.


Funding for education across the U.S.


The U.S. Census Bureau reported last year on school spending for the largest U.S. school districts.


In the largest school district, New York City, per student spending is $20,331, the Census Bureau said. That is nearly twice as much as in Los Angeles, California.


In Chicago, Illinois, it is $12,284 per student, $8,725 in Miami, Florida, and $8,295 in Houston, Texas.


Education Week also researched funding levels for all 50 U.S. states. The differences are large.


On average, New York, Alaska, and Wyoming spent more than $17,000 per student in 2013, while California, Oklahoma and Nevada spent about half that amount, Education Week reported.


The average for the U.S. as a whole is about $12,000 per student.


Here is how the small state of Wyoming came to be on the high end of school spending:


The state receives taxes from oil and coal production. In the past, the extra money helped communities with the most production.


That changed in the 1990s, when courts ruled all school districts in Wyoming should share in the oil and coal taxes.


It led to increased money for all Wyoming public schools, said Kari Eakins of Wyoming Department of Education. The biggest change was reducing class size in early grades. The state now requires no more than 16 students per teacher in grades kindergarten through 3rd grade.


Recent cuts in education funding


The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities looks at public spending on services such as education.


It said the big U.S. recession in 2008 led states to lower spending on education. Falling house prices meant property taxes, which provide the majority of school funding, dropped, too.


The recession is over, but funding for schools remains below 2008 levels in most states, the center said.


The center said those cuts mean schools will produce fewer “qualified workers” to fill the growing demand for “well educated” workers.


How much money a school gets matters, said Eubanks, the Mississippi principal. His school serves 840 students in a rural community -- from kindergarten through 12th grade.


Eubanks said, “We have a lot of issues well beyond education problems trying to serve poor students in a poor state.” He added the school is not giving them services “available in districts with more money.”


I'm Bruce Alpert.

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Education spending in the United states differ from schools to shools.In the southern state of Missipe a school, a Brod Kvein, spends 3470 dollars per student. Just 100 kilometers west, natrually spend nearly 3000 dollars more. Sharlly U.. is the school principal at the school in Broda Kvein, Missispe.He told VOA.Our kids don't have chances.Less money means students in Brod Kvein don't have musci and art teachers Unbalck said. Students in Marcher computer they rode a bus that they should remove from service years ago.Unblack worried hard propersur last year is too much money for every Missipi public school. But Missipie ...they failed it.We just have keep the trying. Unblack said. For 6 monthes national public radio worked on detailed report about the cause of education money problems. It is reported that even school district located near each other differ a The reason is district get money from number places at ...all states give menoy for school but some states give more than others. Un.. experienced. Some states give more money to poor school district than rich districts  Idiya is a poor district than rich district.But other states give out the money equally to rich and poor districts. The Fedral government has a program that helps poor district but its effect is limited. The Fedral government only paid for about 8 percent and Kinggarden for 20 bride public school cost. The large share comes to local taxi and property. Community with lots of help connected to more probalties taxi and as a result have more money to spend on schools. There up set is the case for poor communities. The UAS sincei ..reported last year on school spending for a large UAS school district. In large school districts NewYork city persert student spending 2331 dollars the sin... said.That is nearly twice much as Los Angeles and California. In Chicago and it is 25284 dollars per stuent. 8725 dollars in .. and Florida and 8295 dollars in Houston and Texas. Education way also research finding levels for all 15 UAS states. The differnce are large. A large New York, ..,.. spend more than 70000 dollars per students in 2013. California,.. and... spend about half that money. Education week reported. The average for the UAS as a whole is about 12000 dollars per students.Here is the hill ... coming to be the spending. The states of recieved the taxi will oil .. in the past the .. money helps the community with the most production. That changed in 1990 when .. rule all the school ..the oil share in the oli taxi.It lets increasing money for help all the public school  said the...., a white.. eduaction.The biggest change were reducing class... no more than 30 students and teachers in ... The center on the budget looks the public spending on services such as education. IT said it is the biggest UAS .. in 2008. ...  price main probably cast which provide the majority school finding ..The ... is over but finding from the school remains blow 2008 labels in most states. the . said that means school the qualified workers ... for the education.How much money is the school gets Master said Unbanks the Missipie pricinpal. Her school 840 students in the wild from the kindergarden throuth 12 grades. Unland said we have lots of issues will be un the educations problems trying to solve in the poor state. He added that school not given much services of ... with more money.I'm Bruce Albat.
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