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people are unable to buy shampoo, salt, medicine,underwear,these are some of the problems facing he nation of Venezuela.X and a rapidily shrieking economy, and protest growing with demonstrator demanding their president X be recalled. he still had some supporters. and  president X recently declared a constitutional state of emergecy, a declear that would give him more power to X ecomomy and authorate the overcome what he called  foregien aggressions against the country. waht caused all these. well, the X government cease will took over many of the country's industry  in recent years. the economy is very dependent on oil X. and for a while, the government use some of the fare to fund social programme aid for school ,child care ,sanitation. when global oil prices started droppping in 2014,so does X economy. and some analysts say this could lead to the end of X's presidensy. form south america, this would take you to the middle east , now. to a region called west Bank,it is an area about 2100 m^2, located to the west bank of the jordan river. there is a clutster of churches there, that stayed empty since 1967. the reason that they are surrounde by mine fields dating back toteh war that year, but an organization is working out to clear them out. the science around  this site were X, three languages,here, only the roadis safe, beyond the X, nearly 5 thousand landmines covering 1KMs. in this particular area, we are not looking to find an . and you can see it , as i . yeah ,sure, as it is the thrist line . it is like here, like thrity . this minefield, in the west bank ,were christianity holiest sites.  recognised as a  biblial site ,as the baptize of Jesus, pligrims from all over the water ,bathed in the water on this holy site on the jordan river. and a mordern tour center , opend on the 2011, but seven christian church on this cite, all have different X have been closed for  century. one idea about how many landmines there are in certain area . see that dark bar inside here, and this entire field is full of them.during the 60wr in 1967, isreal army laid  minehere, churches wre bombed . the churches have been off  ever since. and if we didn't do it, there mines will stay there forever, i stick with X outside of church , he is the CEO of the HOLO, the world's largest mindfield organization, and holo just get the permission to remove the lanmine with the approvel from the isreal.45years later, these mines were still dangerous, and for me, this would sitll be dangerous for hundred years from now if we didn't care them . in syria and iraq , iSis have left oceans of sites..pilgrims can visit it again. and this place can heal from the star war.
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