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标题: [自然百科] 2016-05-23 ITV:史蒂芬弗莱中美洲游记:墨西哥Mexico—12 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-5-23 08:00     标题: 2016-05-23 ITV:史蒂芬弗莱中美洲游记:墨西哥Mexico—12


动物世界、地球奇观、生命奇迹、未解之谜、人与自然、生态环境 ,参与普特国家地理(自然百科)节目,我们一起认知我们的生存家园.

《英国独立电视台:史蒂芬弗莱中美洲游记》  ITV: Stephen Fry in Central America

第一集 墨西哥 Episode 1 - Mexico


Seven years ago, Stephen Fry travelled through all fifty states of the USA in a black cab. But he’s always been fascinated by events south of the border, so now, in this brand new four-part series, he embarks on an adventure into America’s backyard. 

Travelling through Mexico and the entire Central American isthmus, to the Panamanian border with South America, it’s a remarkable trip through some of the oldest civilisations on the planet – Mayan, Aztec and Olmec.

He visits some of the most dangerous, but breathtakingly beautiful, countries as he learns all about the people, the places, the wildlife and the history.

七年前,主持人史蒂芬·弗莱(Stephen Fry)乘坐一辆伦敦的出租车,游历了美国的50个州。然而他一直以来就对美国国境以南的事情着迷,所以在这部四集系列片中,他将踏上一段新的旅程。从墨西哥出发,穿越整个中美洲地区,最终达到与南美洲接壤的巴拿马边界,这是一个遇见许多世界上最古老的文明的旅程。 

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作者: mintzoe    时间: 2016-5-23 22:06     标题: [Homework]2016-05-23 ITV:史蒂芬弗莱中美洲游记:墨西哥Mexico—12

After the frenzy of the dance, and next morning nursing some serious b*, I'm off to experience another big attraction of Real, the desert. With ritual Indians gather p*, the mind bending characters, which helps guide them through this spirit world. I'll be meeting Macy Arno, a shaman, who loves his p*.-This is the famous p*. They look like little cucumbers that have been pushed up out of the earth. Just see the top of them. So these are famous P*, which are sort of c*. They call it an infinite **. It creates these shanmanic, weird, mistical h* sort of experiences, and still people come all the way here from thousands of miles away to have a go, which is a bit silly, because it's great three listed endangered plant.
This is also a great one classic drag, unless you have to be w* Indian, in which case it's okay.

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