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For watching.Falluja is located in central Iraq,along the banks of Euphrates river.It's been controlled by ISIS terrorist group since early 2014.Besides it was the first Iraqi city that ISIS captured.A part of this plan is to create its own Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.
The fight is to take Falluja back, involving Iraqi troops, police, and malicias, and they are supported by US-led airstrikes.The trapped cause fires,between this forces and IS fighters who control the city,and estimated 10000 civilian families,according to the UN.The Iraqi air force drop ped leaflet from the city,telling residents how they can get out safely.But activist in this area says IS is not allowing civilians to go, and their sons have died trying to leave.Falluja where dozens of US troops were killed during the Iraq war in 2004.It's a strategic city that is no stranger to terrorists, or violence.
Falluja has a long history of bloody battles.It's considered a hot Sunni insurgents group.It was the first city to fall to IS,months before any other city in Iraq, in January of 2014.Extremist group like ISIS and Al-qaida Iraq before that, used Falluja as a symbol of Sunni resistance.Now for the Shiah of the Iraq, many of them feel that, a lot of the terrorist attack that targeted them, whether IS or Al-qaida Iraq.Before that,those attacks feel same from Falluja,specially when it targeted the city they really wanted to see IS cleared out of that city for a very long time.
Now with this, a new offensive underway right now, it was expected to Iraq.a very long time,and expected to be the bloody history, anything to go by.Here what remains the major issue is the civilians who may still be trapped inside that city.
The head of security for the US transportation security administration has lost his job.A house of representatives committee announced the change earlier this week.It followed a congressional hearing on mis-management at TSA.The organizations in charge have been screening passengers and cargo, at the airport across the US.But the apartment of Homeland Security, which oversees the TSA,said it had a number of security failures recently. And some have swelled a long line at the airport check-point,causing hundreds of passengers to miss their flight.the TSA say Kelly Hogan wasn't fired for specifically anything wrong,but the agency wanted a different approach to secure their leadership.It's saying that a number of management changes are ahead,and they'll deliver better leadership and screening operations at American airport.

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