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标题: [文化博览] 2016-07-18 BBC:巴赫:激情的一生 Bach:A Passionate Life-11 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-7-18 08:00     标题: 2016-07-18 BBC:巴赫:激情的一生 Bach:A Passionate Life-11


英国广播公司:巴赫:激情的一生 BBC: Bach:A Passionate Life


John Eliot Gardiner追寻音乐家巴赫的生平。巴赫最有名的肖像画把他描绘成一个头戴假发、穿着一件正装的62岁的性情乖戾的老人;然而他最伟大的作品都是在他40多岁时创造力爆发的时期创作下的。纪录片展现了一个复杂而富有激情的艺术家;一个温和而顾家的人,同时又是一个拥有着强烈的宗教精神、并在与教会和国家的挣扎的同时谱下至今闻名的作品的人。John Eliot Gardiner带给大家一个德国的“巴赫游”;并使用音乐来展现一个真实的巴赫。 

John Eliot Gardiner goes in search of Bach the man and the musician. The famous portrait of Bach portrays a grumpy 62-year-old man in a wig and formal coat, yet his greatest works were composed 20 years earlier in an almost unrivalled blaze of creativity. We reveal a complex and passionate artist; a warm and convivial family man at the same time a rebellious spirit struggling with the hierarchies of state and church who wrote timeless music that is today known world-wide. Gardiner undertakes a 'Bach Tour' of Germany, and sifts the relatively few clues we have - some newly-found. Most of all, he uses the music to reveal the real Bach.

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But there’s another side to it. And this is one that Sebastian may well have picked up from his elder cousin, which is that, as a composer, you can channel all that frustration and disappointment into music. And the marvelous thing is about Johann Christoph’s music and Sebastian’s music is that it has this wonderfully consoling and uplifting quality to it.

Most of all, Bach’s music offers us balm and comfort in bereavement. The subject of death appears again and again throughout his music as it did in his own life.

This is the town cemetery. An Eisenach’s old city walls are here on the right. And just beyond it, it’s the school where Bach went--the old xx cloister. Somewhere here, in unmarked graves, are those of his parents, Elizabeth and Ambrosius. Elizabeth died when Bach was xx in 9 years old. And then 9 months later, his father Ambrosius died as well. Bach, as the youngest son and a member of local parish choir, had to witness the whole event and sing while the ceremony was going on and slow tolling the bell. And as the coffin was lowered into the grave, he and his fellow choristers sang Luther’s word: xx--in the midst of life, we are in death.

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