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标题: [访谈录] 2016-08-10&08-12 最新民调:希拉里领先特朗普15个百分点 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-8-10 08:00     标题: 2016-08-10&08-12 最新民调:希拉里领先特朗普15个百分点

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 New Poll Shows Trump Trailing Clinton by 15 Points

The co-hosts discuss the latest poll numbers and what they could mean for the election.

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作者: xingxingcamille    时间: 2016-8-12 06:52


Trump’s poll numbers are in freefall right now. He's down double digits to Hillary. But there is some good news for Donald – he’s still polling very well with the members of the Duck Dynasty though, okay? Now should he be worried his numbers are bad right now? I don't trust those numbers and I don't want anybody to think that you don't have to vote, because you think this is gonna be showing (Yeah).

First of all, we've seen them go up and down over the past several months as everybody has seen them. And I do not want these numbers to influence people's voting. Really we need a landslide for Hillary, a landslide.

It means to me, but it is his lowest number since May. This is her largest lead, but it's interesting because if you really look at that the five big polls out like he's… he's losing, but she's not getting as much of a bomb because when you look at it, she still has high availability of…

She's leading him in a rough…

She’s leading him now, but you should think what he's losing she would gain but that's not necessarily happening.

She also gained amongst white males who are not college-educated.

I think that’s McCain, that’s Tim Kaine.

Well, all right.

I think that was significant and I also think though that it's interesting, was this a convention Baucus? The Democratic Convention was so successful. Was it a convention bump or is it because of all the scenes that Donald Trump said…

The other thing that’s being interesting to see was with these polls down, what he actually says in response to answer? Because how many interviews did he do where everything would be going was what's your plan? When I'm killing in the polls -- excellent, excellent polls like it was a wince about the polls, so I'm interested to see what is he gonna go for now other than maybe systems rapes.

He can’t. He lives for those polls. He lives. The first time I met him that the Adele concert at Radio City back in the date, back in…I don’t know -- it was October now, he said to me, this is when he was still speaking to me. He said: “Can you believe those poll numbers?” and he x a so pop tit.

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