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标题: [访谈录] 2016-09-15&09-17 3D打印技术助美国连体婴成功分离 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-9-15 08:00     标题: 2016-09-15&09-17 3D打印技术助美国连体婴成功分离

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 Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins With Help of 3-D Printing

The twins were connected at the heart, liver, sternum and diaphragm.

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“We are about to have baby. We went back to, you know, find the sex of the baby. The tech kinda stopped to miss everything. And she said something has changed. I don’t want to tell you myself, let me get the doctor. The doctor came in and that’s when she told us that you are not having one baby, there are actually two. They are gonna be twins. So it was like a great moment therefore for a moment. Then she told us that the babies are conjoined. Well, after three doctors telling us there’s no hope, someone actually told us that ‘No, let’s…let’s look at this way, there is hope’.”

“When we first scanned the babies, I thought that the babies will live. After they are born, we are able to tell the family this could be separable.”

“Even though they were connected, they were very complete in each…in themselves.”

“They are joining at the chest as well as at the belly. So there is a very large connection between the two. And the babies were facing each other, connected at that broad based level. Through that connection, they were joining both at the level of the heart as well as the liver. This is a three-dimensional model of this…the babies’ liver and heart. So here are two hearts as you can see, and here is the lever which as you can see, looks like a single one big liver. We divided it down here, and we gave this part of the liver to this baby, this part of the liver to that baby.”

“Most attempt said separations with cardiac connection are not successful.”

“This is twin A’s heart, and this is twin B’s heart. Printed to scale in this green portion is where they are connected.”

“The heart separation was complicated by the fact that one of the twins had very complicated intern anatomy, and the accent of the connection was such that is was closed by some vital parts of the heart. She is really close all the way except for a little X like that.”

“The twins have been through over a dozen of procedure each.”

“They are miracle and these girls are miracle. And we are gonna treat it like every day, going forward every day. So it’s been awesome. It has been.”

“They are fighters.”

“Yeah, they are.”


“Nothing is greater than this satisfaction as you see the twins separated, see both parents holding twins.”

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