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标题: [英伦广角] 2016-10-08 英国百货BHS计划回归 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2016-10-8 08:00     标题: 2016-10-08 英国百货BHS计划回归

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BHS is back: New owners sell online only after chain's collapse

Just a month after the final store closed amid the chain's acrimonious collapse, is relaunched by new owners.

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The end of nearly a century of BHS and finale was depressing. Bash shelves and empty spaces, all that’s left of what was once a high-street giant.

“Well, I’m here in the last branch which is due to closed stores in the next few hours for good. And now you can see the shelves are pretty empty, and just the drags really off the closing down sale, the staff are putting a brave face on it, but I think it’s fair to say that they’ll be feeling pretty demoralized.”

The retailer was placed into administration in March, and with no buyer found, this store became one of the last 22 to close.

“It’s a very sad day today for British home stores after 88 years on the high street, and it’s also an extremely sad day for all the employees who were losing their jobs. And of course if affects pensioners like myself who are getting a pension from BHS, whose pensions are threatened by this crisis.”

With the store closures, 11,000 people have lost their jobs, and nearly twice as many pensions are still at risk. With a 571-million-pounds deficit in the pension pots, they are still growing. The Pensions Protection Fund will cover it. But for those who haven’t already retired,  they could lose 10% of their pension unless a deal can be reached with Sir Philip Green.

“Sir Philip, people want to know why you are on holiday when they think that you are supposed to be sorting out the pension deficit?”

“Will you go away?”

Sky News has now learned that Sir Philip who’s spending the summer on his luxury yourt wants regulators to drop a probe into the pension deficit, if he makes a voluntary financial contribution to the part. We contacted Sir Philip on Sunday, who again chose not to answer questions.

“The net has not stopped closing on Sir Philip Green. The pension regulator who is clearly rattled with wanting to do a settlement and getting her office back, is continuing her work. There’ll be a report to the government by the administrators. The liquidators are gonna make their report. But above all, if I were sir Philip, one I would fear would be the work and then the report from the Serisford(?) office.”

As customers picked over final bargains, there was anger inside and out at the former owners. Dominic Chappel who bought the company for one pound last year and Sir Philip Green who was extracted over 400 million pounds in dividends in the 15 years he owned the retailer.   

“It’s a shame really. I think why he paid us so low? X”  

“He’s got all that money. He should give them what’s already theirs.”

X was such an ego.”

Retail analysts however say that years of underinvestment into the chain and the failure to match strong competition meant all this was inevitable.

“It adjusted to keep up with what the customers wanted. That was simple and it had stores in locations that people want shopping and attracted to.”

As the shops are cleared, thousands remain left in limbo over their pensions. The BHS meanwhile is consigned to history, some say, unable to adapt to the modern age.

Adele Robinson, Sky News, Lester.

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