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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2018-03-01 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20180301
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Shay Stevens.

U.S. attorney general XX says the Justice Department is proceeding with plans to ban bump stocks. XX says something President Trump requested in the wake of Florida school shooting. New York and I said the XX Justice to begin the deal with the bump stock issue. The bill is devised and allows the semiautomatic rifle to fire and XX automatic system. XX says he believes that bump stocks can be banned for the regulatory process.

The U.S. Supreme Court has long upheld State laws establishing campaign free buffer zones in outside polling places. As XX reports, the Justices will hear arguments today over laws that ban political apparel and buttons inside the polling place. In the late 1800, states began enacting laws to protect voters from harassment, intimidation and even violence at polling places. The laws enacted in XX in 1912 provides today's tax case. It bans all political apparel, badges and buttons inside the polling place. And enforcing the law, polling place official says anyone wearing a political T-shirt or campaign button to either cover it up with a jacket or sweater, or take it off while in the polling place. Challenging the law is a XX activist to wear a T party T-shirt into the polling place as well as a button erroneously suggesting that voters needed a photo ID in order to vote. XX NPR news, Washington.

The Supreme Court's immigrants detained for deportation are not entitled to bail, the 5-3 decision over turn all over court order that immigrants receive periodic bond hearings. The ruling stands for XX section file by the American Civil Liberty Union on behalf of immigrants detained in some cases for years without a hearing. The ACLU says about 36,000 immigrants are being held in the U.S. on any given day, but most cases are resolved within six months.

A federal judge says the Trump administration can bypass environmental impact previews to start building a sudden border wall. XX has more. The ruling sides with the Department of the Homeland Security that a 2015 law allows the agency to waive dozens of environmental protection rules if there are national security concerns. But XX with the center of biological diversity says impacts studies can determine whether a massive project like building a border wall will endanger wildlife habitants. They make the federal government study alternative, look at different ways to mitigate it. And with all that cast away, the government is proceeding with XX. The Judge's decision doesn't mean construction will begin immediately. Congress has to authorize funding the project. The President is asking for 18,000,000,000 dollars. For NPR news, I'm XX in California.

An Asian stock market shares are higher up nearly 100%, this is NPR news.

The States Department's Point person on North Korea is retiring leaving a big hole in diplomatic efforts to resolve a nuclear stand-off. NPR XX says it is not clear the Trump Administration will fill the vacancy. State Department Spokesperson XX says the Secretary was reluctant to accept the XX decision to retire, but she adds she believes there is a deep XX official who can handle the job. We are certainly sorry to see him go, but we are fully confident that we have terrific, qualified experienced people who will take this on and continue our maximum pressure campaign. She says no one is on XX to replace XX just as XX has worked at the State Department for more than three decades. Most recently as envoy of North Korea who kept open back channels to Pyongyang. XX NPR news, the State Department.

Afghanistan's President XX is urging the Taliban to join a proposed political process that could lead to talks on ending more than 16 years of war. Speaking at an international conference in XX, XX said his government would provide security and facilities for Taliban officials who join the peace process. He also quote for talks between Afghanistan and Pakistan. British film directer and writer Louis Gilbert has died at the age of 97. Gilbert directed 3 James Bond movies and dozens more including XX educating XX. His last film was a 2002 comedy called Before You Go. He received the British Film Miss to XX honor in 2001.

Again an Asian market shares are lower down nearly 1% in Hong Kong.

This is NPR news in Washington.

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