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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2018-03-03 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20180303
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Shay Stevens.

The FBI is reportedly looking into whether Russian politician Alexander XX illegally fund of money through the National Rightful Association to help the Trump campaign. As NPR XX reports, XX's own communications of legis scrutiny of its ties with the NPA and American politics. Alexander XX, a deputy governor of the Bank of Russia, is a prolific Twitter. Those Twit provide a window into his efforts to methodically cultivate ties with the NRA over six years. In his twits, translated from Russian by NPR. XX talks extensively about leveraging NRA connections to meet the groups' leaders, and even he claims to meet with Donald Trump in 2015. He also claims that his membership in the NRA facilitated his ability to become an international election observer in XX during the 2012 presidential election. The NRA has denied any wrongdoing, and the White House did not respond to a request or comment. XX NPR news, Washington.

China is expressing concern over the Trump administration's plans to raise tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. A statement by its Commerce Ministry says Beijing is satisfying its trade applications, and urges Washington to settle dispute through negotiation.

The movie studio founded by XX has been sold. The XX company was said to file for bankruptcy after talks with an investor group collapsed. As XX reports, the bidder say they now have a deal. The XX company has been searching for a financial savior since last October when the sex scandal hit Hollywood. Initial talks to sell the studio shut down when New York attorney-general XX filed a lawsuit against the company. The new deal has XX's blessing so long as it ensure XX's victims will be compensated, and studio's employees will be protected. A statement from the company's board says We consider this to be a positive outcome under what must have been incredibly difficult circumstances. The investor group will pay off the company's debt about 220,000,000 dollars, in return it will receive most of the assets. For NPR news, I'm XX in XX in California.

A new storm is raising the threat of XX in parts of XX where thousands of people are under a mandatory evacuation order. XX says the system could hit the area where flash XX destroyed hundreds of homes in January. It is gone through XX, and it is now starting to hit XX. And because of its direction and trajectory, it is impossible for the weather service to predict exactly where it is going to hit and exactly where the most intensely hit portion of our area will be. The National Weather Service has issue to flashflat watch for areas recently burnt by the largest wild fire in California's history.

This is NPR news.

Gorge lawmakers have approved a sweeping tax bill minus the proposed tax break on jet fuel purchases. The fuel XX was taken out of the bill as retribution XX airline's decision to unfair discounts for members of the National Rightful Association. The XX company end the perk in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

XX, American airline is adding a super low fare option to its overseas flights from KERA's XX. The move is partly due to competition. The world's largest carrier already lowered domestic fares by cutting some services offer with its basic ticket. Now it's cut prices with its lowest fare European flight, but it's not saying how much what it's calling basic economy will cost. American will still charge for checkbacks, but these ticket holders will be among the last board, and won't be able to make up greats. They still gets the same food, drinks and entertainment as others in the economy class. It all starts in April, and follows similar moves by U.S. carrier XX and United. It's also designed to keep up with super low fare carriers in Europe that are adding more and more flight to the U.S. For NPR news, I'm XX in XX.

XX says the number of the American affected by XX last year is 2,400,000 higher than last reported. The critic reporting company says new disclosure involved much less person information than the date on 145,500,000 original victims. XX says all of the victims will be offered the same identity protection and critic monitoring.

This is NPR news in Washington.

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