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A contentious House judiciary committing hearing was held on Friday with acting attorney general M Wedicer,telling the Democratic led committee he has not interfered  in anyway in special counsel Robert Muller's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Wedicer says the probe's been allowed to continue without any meddling,we have followed the special counsel's regulations to achieve,and that he has not spoken about it with President Trump.When Dem Steve Coehen asked if he agrees with the President's characterization of the probe, are you overseeing a witchhunt? Widiker passed,It would be inappropriate for me to talk out ongoing investigation.The hearing was deeply personal with Democratic King Jeffery question Wedicer's fittness for the job as a Trump loyalist. Who are you? where did you come from? and how the heck did you become the head of the department of Justice? and Republican ranking member Don Canlos blasting the hearing as political theater.Dog and Poony show,let's get it out.

The case of Amazon founder and Washington post publisher,Jeff Bezos,versus the National enquier has drawn attention of federal prosecutors.

Jeff Bezos's allegation of the national enquier tried to blackmail him is being investigated by federal prosecutors in New York.accoring 2 people familar with the case,just last Dem the tabloid settled charges that helped DT pay off two purported paramours and buried their stories.The parent
company AMI,agree not to commit any more crimes.Bezos claims in extraordianary USA that Enquier threathen to publish explicit material that had  on him.unless he dropped the probe how the paper got his hand on intimate exchanges he'd had with his misters.AMI issued statement claiming it's been acting legally,US attorney has declined comment.

Venenz opposition leader and self declared president Guaido called on those not allowing aid into the country,miserable,calling them or asking them to open up border crossing with Columbia,saying he would see to opening it,if needed.Guaido,who has recognized by dozens countries as Venezu's legitimate leader,want military officers against blocking the arrival of aid,amid spiraling disease and malnutrition,brought on by a hyper inflationary collapse.He said the moment is now,they do not metion crimes against humanity by directly or indirectly killing between 250 000 and 300 000 venezuelans who today need the humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile,embattled prsident Maduro said,the U.S should distribute the humanitarian aid to poor people in Columbia,where it is currently waiting to cross the border.He said the humanitarian aid has become a show to justify intervention in the country.and it is a cheap show aimed at humiliating Venezuelans,to humuliate us.Venezu situation has fuled a politial crisis that has peed over the last month,which Guido invoking a constitutional provision to declare himself the legitimate interim president.

The Trump administration's peace envoy for Afghan says that although his talks with Taliban have produced a tentative framework agreement,negotiations have a long way to go.OKL said Friday that there is time to make a final deal,before Afughan presidential election in July
But he said that many issues remain to be resloved and it must be package deal.We will give it all that we can,we have a long way to go,what we xx so all is ,significant,but there is a small tool 3 small staffs and long genery.T said the Taliban's top priority is  withdrawl of US troops,whereas the top US objective is ensuring that Afhgan never again becomes a heaven for extremists.His  comments follow a 2-day meeting in Moscow between prominent Afghan figures  and Taliban representatives.

Congressional negotiators are intensifying efforts to come up with a border security plan,even as the clock,ticks towards a deadline and another potential government shutdown,representatives from both sides said Friday they were optimistic that a deal can be reached.Funding for a number of federal agencies runs out at midnight on Friday Feb 15th.

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