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标题: [VOA慢速] VOA慢速精精听2019-04-20 [打印本页]

作者: ellyxia    时间: 2019-4-20 08:09     标题: VOA慢速精精听2019-04-20



     \"Everything is terrifying for them,\" she said. In a wooden cage on the hospital floor, a young pangolin begins to move around, rubbing against the box. It is feeding time at the hospital. A volunteer will walk him on a nearby hill where the pangolin will search for ants to eat. Pangolins are one of the world\'s most heavily trafficked animals because of demand for their scales in Asia. Along with five full-time employees, the hospital gets help from volunteers like Lauren Beckley, who lives nearby. Beckley cares for young monkeys, who hug her. _____________________________________.When the animals are ready to return to the wild, Wright and her team work with nature centers around the country to take the animals to a new, safer home.她说,“对他们而言,一切都很可怕。”在医院地板上的一个木笼子里,一只幼小的穿山甲开始四处活动,摩擦盒子。现在是医院的喂食时间。一位志愿者带它到附近的山上寻找蚂蚁吃。由于亚洲对穿山甲鳞片的需求,穿山甲成为全球走私量最大的动物之一。除了5名全职员工外,医院还得到了附近居民劳伦·贝克莉等志愿者的帮助。贝克莉十分喜爱抱着她不撒手的小猴子。_____________________________________。当这些动物准备重返野外时,赖特和她的团队将与全国各地的自然中心合作,把这些动物带到一个全新的、更安全的家园。
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作者: he350605230    时间: 2019-4-20 10:04

their own mothers have been shotted or killed in auto-accident
作者: 翼的年代    时间: 2019-4-20 11:45


Their own mothers had been shocked or killed in *** accidents.
作者: imjared86    时间: 2019-4-20 16:02

their own mothers have been shotted or killed in auto-accident
作者: wnhuamei    时间: 2019-5-17 16:36

their own mother have been shotted or killed in outer accident
作者: f19061401    时间: 2020-5-3 07:36

Their own mother have been short or kill all accident.
作者: zhao20200206    时间: 2020-5-3 10:08

There is a mother has shouted or killed in ido* excited
作者: xiaoyaohou323    时间: 2020-5-8 22:06

Wright and her team work

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