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     Beg your pardon. Fiona MacDonald with the news. Top Democrats in the US Congress have rejected a proposal by the Attorney General William Barr to allow them access to a less redacted version of the Mueller report. _____________________________________. The Department of Justice dismissed this opinion as premature and unnecessary. Democrats argue the report leaves many questions unanswered. David Willis sent this report from Los Angeles. William Barr had offered to open up passages relating to national security issues and ongoing criminal investigations to a group of around a dozen senior lawmakers. But senior Democrats are calling for the report to be made available in its entirety, and argue that without such access, Congress would be compromised in its ability to discharge its oversight responsibilities.不好意思,我是菲奥娜·麦克唐纳德,欢迎收听今天的节目。美国国会民主党高层拒绝了司法部长威廉·巴尔提出的允许他们获得更加完整的米勒报告的提议。_____________________________________.司法部驳回了这一提议,认为这种说法不成熟也不必要。民主党人认为该报告留下了许多悬而未决的问题。 以下是大卫·威利斯在洛杉矶发回的报道。威廉·巴尔曾提议向十几位资深议员开放有关国家安全问题和正在进行的刑事调查的通道。但民主党高层正在呼吁完全公布这份报告,并认为如果国会没有该权限的话,其履行其监督职责的能力将受到影响。
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They insist on publication of the full report, and to that end, the House Judiciary committee has issued a subpoena
作者: tandas2018    时间: 2019-5-15 09:02

they are insisting publication of full report and to that extent that how judicial committee has issued the supeaneo
作者: pengfeng203    时间: 2019-5-15 09:35

The insist on publication of the full report and to that end the House Judiciary commitee has issued the opinion.
作者: lihezhi    时间: 2019-5-15 09:49

they insisted on the publicity of the full report and to that end, the whole judicailry committee had appealled that
作者: qlaman    时间: 2019-5-15 18:56     标题: [Homework]BBC精精听2019-05-15

They insist the publication of the full report and to that end, the whole judiciary committee has this opinion.
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Hw: They insist on the publication of the full report, and to that extent, the House Judiciary Committee has issued their opinion.

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