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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-05-19 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190519
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jeanine Herbst.
Severe weather is slamming the mid section of the country. The national weather service has confirmed that an EF2 tornado with winds up to 130 miles per hour touched down in Geronimo, Oklahoma, that’s about 80 miles southwest of Oklahoma city and damaged two homes. In northwest Arkansas, state officials say several people are stranded on recreational trails because of downed power lines. In Abilene Texas, the mayor says several buildings were damaged, cars overturned and trees brought down in the storm. Energy companies in all three states are reporting thousands without power, and hundreds of flights were delayed or cancelled at Dallas Fort Worth airport because of the storms.
A Missouri law maker is apologizing for using the phrase consensual rape before voting for bill that bans abortions after 8 weeks of pregnancy. NPR’s Boby Ellen reports after a public backlash, the legislator is now saying he misspoke. Missouri representative Barry Hovis was arguing on the house floor that eight weeks is plenty of time for a woman to have an abortion. Hovis who is a republican and former police officer, talked about his experience of investigating rape cases, ‘most of my rapes were not the gentlemen jumping out of the bushes that nobody ever met. That was 1 or 2 times out of hundred. Most of them were date rapes or consensual rapes which were all terrible.’ Missouri democrats and ** on social media lashed out at Hovis over the comment. Hovis now says it was made in error. Missouri law makers passed the bill Friday criminalizing abortions after 8 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest victims. The governor has promised to sign it. Boby Ellen, NPR news.
Australian chancellor Sebastian Kurz says the country will hold a snap election after a scandal involving his coalition partner the far right freedom party. Cary Skeray has more from Vienna. A day of high political drama in Australia, vice Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache resigned over a video in which he promises lucrative government contracts in exchange for financial support. From a woman posing as the niece of Russian oligarch. Now the conservative chancellor says enough is enough. A reference to other scandals involving his far right coalition partner. Australian he said, should hold elections as soon as possible, meaning the government will have lasted less than 2 years. The video scandal has shocked Australians of all political persuasions, and thousands directed the anger at the chancellor, chanting outside his office resign now. For NPR news, I am Cary Skeray, in Vienna.
A change of plans for former president Jimmy Carter who just underwent surgery for a broken hip. Army says he won’t be teaching Sunday school tomorrow after all. His spokeswoman says the 94 year old is progressing well, but underestimated the amount of time he will need to recover from the hip replacement. Carter broke his hip Monday as he was leaving to go turkey hunting. A devout Christian, he regularly teaches Sunday school in the Plains Geogia, in 2015, he was treated for cancer that had spread to his liver, brain and scans showed no sign of the disease.
This is NPR.
The week, Arizona joined a handful of states that enacted laws requiring law enforcement agencies across the state to collect data on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Amy Gebson of Arizona public media has more. In the past, to these agencies either tracked different facts or no data at all. The national crime information center identified almost 6000 cases of missing or murdered indigenous women across the US in 2016, amid only 116 were recorded by the department of justice. Adward Manuwells, the chairman of the ** tribe in Arizona, he says the law brings the awareness to the issue, ‘my wife’s sister was murdered, she was murdered in San Francisco, it was never resovled, we never heard anything.’ Arizona has the third highest number of these types of cases in the country. For NPR news, I am Amy Gebson in Tucson.
New York dairy farmers are calling on the Trump administration to expand a visa program for temporary immigrant farm workers to make the workers eligible for year round work, and this plea comes as president Trump announced his plans for American based immigration system. The current visa program, called H2A, only allows workers in the country temporary for seasonal work including picking fruits and vegetables, but dairy farmers say they can’t access that program because milking cows isn’t seasonal. Dairy is one of the state’s biggest agriculture industries and New York is number one yogurt producer in the country.
I am Jeanine herbst, NPR news in Washington.

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