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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-05-22 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190522
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jeanine Herbst.
Bipartisan congressional leaders and white house officials met again tonight, trying to work out a two year budget deal for the federal government but couldn’t come to a agreement. Democrats left the meeting saying there is still more work to be done on the domestic spending side and it’s not clear when they will all meet again. They are hoping to prevent steep spending cuts from going into effect at the end of September.
Former white house counsel Don Mcganhn failed to comply with the subpoena to testify before the house Judiciary committee today. NPR’s Wenzer Johnston reports he was no show after the white house directed him to define democratic demands for him to appear. Committee chairman Jerry Nadler says he has prepared to exercise every legal option to compel again to answer questions about the president’s alleged attempts to obstruct the special counsel’s Russian probe, ‘the committee will hear Mr Mcganhn’s testimony even if we have to go to court to secure it.’ The ranking republican on the committee Doug Colen says Nadler is more interested in spectacle than finding the facts, ‘the chairman orchestrated today’s confrontation when he could avoid it, because he is more interested in fight than facts finding.’ Congressional democrats consider Mcganhn a key witness, the committee says it’s prepared to hold him again in contempt if he continues to define the subpoena. Wenzer Johnston, NPR news, Washington.
Congressional democrats are angry about the proposal to force families of immigrants living in the country illegally out of public housing. NPR’s Joe Rose reports housing and urban development secretary Ben Carson took a grilling at a house hearing today on capital hill. Unauthorized democrats are already ineligible for federal housing **, but the propose rule would force their families out of public housing too, including 55000 children who are US citizens or legal residents. Democrats including representative Carolen Maloney of New York are outraged, ‘Mr secretary, the D in HUD does not stand for deportation.’ But HUD secretary Ben Carson says there is a long waiting list for public housing, ‘there are hundreds of thousands of children as well as elderly and disable people on the waiting list, who are legal American citizens.’ Under the rule, Carson says people would have 18 months to move out. Joe Rose, NPR news, Washington.
Fiat Chrysler says it will build a 1.6 billion dollar plant in Detroit, the city council approved a land swap deal today paving the way for the plan that is expected to bring thousands of jobs to the city. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, ‘these jobs will have a sweeping ripple effect throughout our economy, it will strengthen our economy and working families will benefit across Michigan.’ The auto maker says it expects vehicles to roll off the assembly line by late 2020.
Wall street higher by the bell, the DOW up 197, NASDAQ up 83, SNP500 up 24.
This is NPR.
Nearly all of the rivers in west and central Oklahoma are at or above flood stage. Calare Donoly from member station KGOU reports heavy rain and at least 10 tornadoes swept through the state. Parts of Oklahoma got as much as 7 inches of rain, the ground was already saturated from previous storm so roads were flooded quickly. Oklahoma city fire captain Deeven Macy says metro firefighters got 22 high water rescue calls from people trapped in their cars and homes, ‘you will be in areas where the water **.’ National weather service meteorologist John Paik says the water could take several days to recede. For NPR news, I am Calare Donoly in Oklahoma city.
The US post office wants to get into the driverless vehicle’s phase, hoping it will reduce fuel cost and increase safety, and improve transportation operations. It’s partnering with self driving truck company true sample to test the autonomous driving technology on the long haul route between Dallas and Phoenix. They will use two trucks to carry mail and parcels on five round trips between the postal service distribution centers in the two cities, starting next week. The trucks will have a camera that shows nearly 3300 feet ahead of the vehicles, and they won’t be empty. A safety engineer and a driver will be on board to monitor the trucks during that 2 week polit.
Crude price slightly lower by the bell, ending at 63 dollars 2 cents a barrel. Wall street higher, DOW up 197.
I am Jeanine Herbst, NPR news in Washington.

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