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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-05-24 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190524
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jack Spear.
Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan is confirming reports that Trump administration is considering sending more US forces to the Mideast as tensions with Iran increase. More from NPR’s Tom Bomen. Shanahan told reporters that Pentagon is looking at ways to increase protection of current US service members and facilities in the Mideast. He said quote ‘it may involve sending additional troops’. US officials tell NPR the US is considering sending thousands more troops to the region, deployments would include ships and aircraft along with Patriot missile batteries designed to shoot down incoming missiles. Shanahan dismissed any suggestions or specific numbers of troops being considered at this point. The US already has accelerated the movement of the aircraft carrier through the region and sent B52 bombers. Shanahan has said those actions led Iran to put on hold plans to attack US soldiers and facilities in Iraq. Tom Bomen, NPR news, Washington.
President Trump however appeared to contradicted Shanahan today, saying he does not think additional troops are needed in the middle east.
The latest remarks from house speaker Nancy Pelosi that president Trump needs to focus on his job including working with congress comes amid scrabble with the white house over ongoing course of the president’s tax records. Appearing on hearing now today, senior NPR Washington editor Ran Oven said despite the back and forth there are real issues both sides need to address. On the other hand, the president should be willing to go ahead and work with congress, negotiate with congress, talk to both parties and both houses in senate about moving legislation that both he and the congress want, and that would include infrastructure and disaster relief, prescription drug prices, trade deals and all the usual budget and spending bills. There have been some in the house who’ve called for an impeachment proceedings against the president, though Nancy Pelosi so far has not been among them.
Fast food workers in Kansas city Missouri joined a nationwide strike today in response to the latest allegations of sexual harassment against Mcdonald’s. form member station KCUR Andrew T has more. Dozens gathered outside of Mcdonald’s Near Med town Kansas city, demanding the right to union to help address issues like sexual harassment in the work place. Mcdonald’s worker Monica Robberts worked off the job today, she says she was harassed at her first job thirty years ago, ‘nobody should have to go through whether you are female or male’. The protest was organized by workers rights group Stand Up KC, which most recently rallied successfully for higher pay. Missouri passed proposition B last fall to rise minimum wage to 12 an hour by 2023. For NPR news, I am Andrew T in Kansas city.
Shares of electrical vehicle maker Tesla rebounded today after ceo Elon Musk told employees that orders were up. Tesla was trading at the lowest level since 2016. After a long time postponed, the company told investors demand was falling.
On wall street today, the DOW was down 286 points.
This is NPR.
House lawmakers have approved a bill aimed at making it easier for small businesses and other companies to offer retirement plans. The measure among other things allows part time workers to save for a retirement, and it will make it easier for workers to transfer retirement plans when they change jobs. The measure also fixes the provision of the 2016 tax cut that raise taxes on benefits received by family members of the ** military veterans.
NASA has picked a company to build the first section of an outpost the agency wants to put in orbit around the moon. NPR’s Neal F reports it’s part of NASA’s effort to return people to the moon. NASA recently accelerated its lunar plans and is now aiming to land men and women on the moon by 2024. To do that, NASA wants to build what’s effectively a small space station that circles the moon. It’s now awarded a contract worth up to 375 million dollars to max our technologies in Colorado. The company will build the first critical piece of the plant outpost, a space craft that uses solar power for propulsion, it could also provide power for astronaut living quarters that will be attached later on. NASA plans to use this as a way station for astronauts head to the lunar surface. Neal F, NPR news.
When this year’s graduating class of West point, Cadets tossed their caps into the air. There will be a record number of black women in the crowd. Military confirming 34 black women be among the approximately 1000 cadets in the 2019 graduating class. There will be a total of 223 women in Saturday’s class, it’s the largest number since female cadets arrive there in 1980.
This is NPR.

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