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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-05-28 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190528
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jack Spear.
The European commission says parliamentary elections that wrapped up yesterday proved predictions wrong about the popularity of far right movements, although centrist party’s lost seats in the European parliament. Terry Shalterz reports Brussels is relieved that the nationalist and Euro skeptic surge remained relatively small. Anti European union parties made significant gains in some countries. French president Emmanuel Macron’s political movement lost to the ** nationalist party of Marine Le Pen, the Brexit party in Britain came in first, and Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini’s far right league ** all other parties. Still many polls had forecasted a big wave EU wide as underscored by European commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas, ‘populists didn’t win this election, contrary to doomsayers’ prophecies, it is the pro-EU political forces across the political spectrum that won the day.’ In both the Netherlands and the Denmark anti immigrant nationalist parties lost most of their seats. For NPR news, I am Terry Shalterz in Brussels.
Three new polio cases have been reported in Afghanistan and Pakistan. NPR’s Jason Bobian reports it signals uptake cases compare to the same period a year ago. There have been more than twice as many polio cases so far this year as in 2018. The new cases in this week pushed the 2019 ** up to 2004, compare to just 33 for all of last year. And they signal that efforts to wipe out the virus are struggling. The world health organization is leading a multi billion dollar effort to make polio just the second human disease to be eradicated after smallpox. But social unrest and hostility toward polio vaccinators have made it difficult to immunize all the children necessary to stop transmission of the virus. Last month, The attacks by gunmen on vaccination teams in Pakistan left 3 people dead. Jason Bobian, NPR news.
Aboard the USS intrepid in Manhattan today, service men and women in town for New York city’s annual fleet week ran hand to pay tribute to the fallen military members. New York’s mayor and 2020 democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio also reminded those attendees as the true meaning of the memorial day, ‘it’s great that families get together, it’s great that there are barbecues, it’s great that the people get to go the beach, but let’s remember why this day is here, this day is to remember a fallen.’ Ceremony included the unfurling of a 100 foot American flag, the laying of ceremonial wreath and the playing of ‘Taps’. Also an attendance was lieutenant Jack Macan, son of ** senator John Macan.
It’s being built as a merger of equals though apparently with somewhat delicate balance of proposed 35 billion dollar tie up between Fiat Chrysler and French automaker Renault, aiming to help both companies fill the cost of implementing new technologies and regulatory hurdles. It’s far from clear however whether the potential merger will go through.
You are listening to NPR.
The holiday weekend means the start of the tour session of the pacific northwest and more stressful endangered orcas. NPR’s Martin Casty has the story from Seattle. Orcas in Washington state aren’t getting enough to eat, and Sorrow North says it’s partly because whale watching boats keep following them around all summer, ‘They are being disturbed, and they have attacked while people are ** and eyeing. Those whales are not eating.’ North’s part of effort to pass local initiative keeping boats at least 650 yards away from orcas. Brian Goodmon runs one of the local whale watching companies, ‘do I believe that ** noise can make impact, it’s possible. Do I believe that whale watching vessels can cause impact, no.’ Here another tour operators are suing, saying the local initiative would conflict with the new state law that establishes a smaller protective buffer. Martin Casty, NPR news, Seattle.
The national park service says it’s begun assessing a series of cracks began to appear in the world war two memorial in Washington DC. Officials are starting their analysis and anticipation of the crush of visitors this weekend for the holiday. In a statement Friday, the national park service said a large crack visible on memorials atlantic arch and the smaller crack on the ** of Columbia arch were visible. A structural assessment will determine how long the time line might be needed to make necessary repairs. The park service says the memorial which opened in 2004 in consist of 56 pillars and arches surrounding a central fountain in structurally **.
Stocks mostly rose in Europe today after a mixed session on the Asian markets, the US financial markets are close today for the memorial day holiday.
I am Jack Spear, NPR news in Washington.

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