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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-05-30 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190530
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jack Spear.
President Trump reacted Robert Mueller’s exit announcement today by tweeting the special counsel’s report and statement change nothing. As NPR’s Mails Parks tells us republicans and congress also say it’s time to move on. The case is closed, Trump tweeted with an exclamation point. The president said there was insufficient evidence to charge him with the crime, even though that’s not what Mueller said. Mueller said the justice department regulations would not commit an indictment against sitting president, even if there was a crime, he also said ‘if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so’. Senate judiciary chairman Lenzy Gram says the case is over, and the top republican in the house judiciary committee, Doug Carlens said re-litigating the 2016 election and re-investigating the special counsel’s findings would only further divide the country. Mails Parks, NPR news, Washington.
House speaker Nancy Pelosi meanwhile says nothing is off the table including potential impeachment proceedings against the president.
Despite the message on twitter from president Trump questioning whether he can win, Alabama republican Roey More insists he can win a senate remarch in 2020, and he says he will not be influenced by Trump’s tweet urging him not to try. The former chief justice of the Alabama supreme court, More lost to democrat Doug Jones in accusations of pass sexual misconduct involving young women and girls.
Russia is likely violating the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, that’s according to a top Pentagon official. As NPR’s David Wilner reports it’s the first time the US has suggested Russia is cheating on that treaty, which Russia has ratified and US is not. Without offering any evidence, the director of the defense and intelligence agency made the accusation before audiences at the Hudson institute of conservative Washington think tank. Lieutenant general Robert Ashley said the US assesses that Russia is likely using nuclear testing to design new nuclear war heads and build up its weapon stock pile, ‘United States believes that Russia probably is not adhering to the nuclear testing moratorium in a manner consist with the zero yield standard.’ The zero yield standard forbids any nuclear explosions no matter how small. The US says it’s re-framing from all nuclear testing, even the Washington never ratify the 1996 nuclear test ban treaty. David Wilner, NPR news, Washington.
With the threat of severe weather continuing in the country’s midsection, there are also concerns of more flooding. Strong storms ** tornados in Kansas and northwest Missouri also brought heavy rains and flash flooding in some spots. Officials say a tornado that touched down near Laurans Kansas yesterday had winds of 115 miles an hour ** wide path of destruction but largely ** before reaching heavily populated Kansas city.
You are listening to NPR.
Volkswagen AG and united auto workers union confirmed today workers at the company’s Chattanooga Tennessee assembly plant will vote next month on whether to unionize. The UAW had petitioned the national labor relations board to set dates for the election to represent about 1700 trade and production workers at the plant, which builds cars and sport utility vehicles. Workers at the plant narrowly voted against the UAW’s organizing efforts in 2014, so far the UAW is not being successfully in organizing a foreign owned auto assembly plant in the US.
All public universities in Virginia have agreed to freeze tuition for in state under graduated students this fall. It is the first time in nearly two decades the state has frozen tuition. Meigan Polian has more from member station WCBE. Virginia law makers approved over 50 million dollars incentives to universities earlier this year in exchange for not raising tuition. Republican ** Tiki Bell welcomes the move, ‘I am hopeful that we can make this a continuous thing’. But other law makers point out that the funding is only for one year, according to the state council of higher education universities all given a July first deadline to commit to a tuition freeze, but the majority of state’s schools will still be increasing student fees. For NPR news, I am Meigan Polian in Richment.
Stocks continued to move forward what is expected to be their first monthly loss of 2019, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 221 points today, 25126. The NASDAQ fell 60 points, the SNP500 lost 19 points.
I am Jack Spear, NPR news in Washington.

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