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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-06-04 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190604
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jack Spear.
Britain is welcoming president Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, the pair met with queen Elizabeth who had a state dinner tonight spoke of the special relationship between the two countries, ‘visited by American presidents always remind us of the close and long standing friendship between the United Kingdom and the United States’. That ** to some extend echoed by president Trump with the British backward note the upcoming 75 anniversary of D-day which turned the tide in world war two, ‘this week we commemorate a mighty endeavor righteous nations, and one of the greatest undertakings in all of history’. Some of Trump’s recent actions including his views on Britain’s exit from the EU of being a bit more problematic, president is also feuding with London’s Mayor, who said the city should not be rolling out the red carpet. Trump calling him quote ‘a stone cold loser’.
California today sued Purdue Pharma, the maker of the drug Oxycontin, alleging the company’s deceptive marketing practices fuel the opioid epidemic. NPR’s Anne Jephery reports the lawsuit also targets doctor Richard Sackler, a board member and former president of the company. The lawsuit claims that as early as February 1997, Purdue Pharma and its board member and former president Richard Sackler knew that drugs like Oxycontin were among the most abused opioids in United States. Yet according to the lawsuit the company’s marketing continued to mislead healthcare professionals and patients by downplaying the negative nature of the drug as something rare. Affecting less than one percent of the people taking it. The states of Maine and Hawaii as well as the district of Columbia filed similar lawsuits targeting Purdue pharma on the same day as California’s. The company has previously been sued by 40 other states, and abut 2000 local and tribal governments. Anne Jephery, NPR news.
Canadian government inquiry has spent years looking into the high rates of murder and disappearance among indigenous women and girls. Marry Canidy reports it’s concluded a genocide has taken place. Members of indigenous communities gathered at a ceremony to hear the findings of a sweeping report that involves contributions from more than 2000 people. Indigenous people in Canada have long expressed frustration that violent acts against them were not adequately investigated by authorities. The inquiry looked at violence against indigenous women and girls, and against indigenous people who were identified as sexual or gender identity base minorities. Chief commissioner Marerin Boler says human rights abuse is perpetuated by the state, led to violence that mounts to a very particular crime, ‘this is genocide’. Prime minister Justin Trudo, who is at the ceremony, vowed the Canada’s government will turn inquiry’s recommendations into action. Marry Canidy, NPR news.
A mixed close on wall street today, the DOW was up 4 points, the NASDAQ closed down 120 points.
This is NPR.
The house of representatives will vote next week to hold attorney general William Barr in contempt of congress for failing to provide access to the redacted portions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, that’s according to a senior house democratic leadership aide. The house judiciary committee approved the resolution along party lines last month. A contempt vote will be escalation efforts by democrats in the house to use their majority to aggressively investigate the Trump administration.
South African runner Caster Semenya will be allowed to compete without restriction in the female category while the Swiss federal supreme court considers her appeal. As NPR’s Murlesa Block reports the Swiss court ordered the immediate temporary suspension of rules, governing testosterone levels at female athletes. Those rules were imposed by the governing body for tracking field the IAAF, for female athletes with naturally elevated testosterone levels. And last month, the court of arbitration for sport upheld those regulations, which required the effected athletes to lower their testosterone levels with drugs or surgery. But Caster Semenya, a two time Olympic champion, filed an appeal, saying the rules violate her human rights. And for now at least she is one of ** while the Swiss supreme considers her case. In a statement, Semenya said, I hope that following my appeal, I will once again be able to run free. Murlesa Block, NPR news.
Crude futures prices continued to move lower today amid concerns about the possible era of recession and a glut of OPEC oil. Oil closing down 25 cents a barrel to end the session at 53.25 a barrel on the New York mercantile exchange.
I am Jack Spear, NPR news in Washington.

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