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标题: [VOA] VOA 2019-06-18 [打印本页]

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VOA 20190618
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作者: 米三爷    时间: 2019-6-18 14:26

1.Saudi Arabia's crowned Prince Assad has accused Iran of attacking two oil tankers in Gulf Amman this week, a move which raised fears of a broader conflict in the region.In an interview published in Sunday's Al Assad news paper the prince is quoted as saying“Iran did not respect Japanese Prime Minister Abi's visit to Tehran and replied to his efforts by attacking a Japanese flag tanker.”The paper also quote the crowned prince as saying "His country doesn't want a war in the region but won't hesitate to deal with any threat to our our people our sovereignty our territorial integrity and our interests " Meanwhile crew members of the oil tanker "front our tier", one of two vessels attacked this week landed in Dubai Saturday.A company spokesman said the 23 crew member were well treated by Iranian authority. The other damaged tanker, the Japanese owned "K courages" has been toed to the I port of the J.

2.A deadly day Saturday in Somalia and Kenya with as many as 27 people killed in separate incidents, at least 10 people were killed, and 23 others injured, when a car bomb exploded at a check point closed to the parliament building in M , the militant group Aba immediately claimed responsibility. In a separate incident a car bomb went off on the road to M the airport but no one was injured in the blast.In the central Somalia town of G, 720 kilometers from M 9 people were killed in a revenge attack with the Islamic group's killing of a local police man. Across the border in Kenya, at least 8 Kenyan police men were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

3. Activists in Hongkong are calling on residents to continue protests despite leader Kerry Lan's decision to indefinite shelf proposed extradition legislation that would send all defendants to mainland China for trial.At a hastily scheduled press conference announced Saturday Lan told a packed room of reporters the government had halted its work on the bill so it can gather more feedback."The Council will halt its work in relation to the bill until our working of communication, explanation, and listening to all opinions is completed. "  Meanwhile civil human rights front activist B said the international community has a stake in this dispute needs to act "So we urge all the individuals, chambers of commerce, workers, students any who have any related to Hongkong you must keep concerning about our situation, and keep voicing out, not only for the sake of Hongkong people but also you own sake." Another larger protest is scheduled for Sunday.

4. The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris hosted its first catholic mass Saturday exactly two months after a devastating blaze destroyed the Church's roof and spear. The archbishop of Paris M led the service which was attended by about thirty people. Priest and worshipers were hardhat to protect themselves against falling debris. The Mass was held in a small size chapel which was deemed to be safe.

6.Italian film director F has died at the age of 96. AP Ben Thomas reports "F once acting himself to assorting with the helm of three: film, theatre and opera, and he made his mission to make culture acceptable the masses, and installation for his film in Shakespeare with his claimed 1968 production of Romeo and Juliet and the 1990 Hamlet staring M. and he also produce operas for television audiences with New York Metropolitan in Opera. F died at his home in Rome Saturday at the age of 96."  

7. A report from New Zealand say a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck near the uninhabited K island north east of New Zealand and a New Zealand's civil defense organization says it is monitoring the situation , and if a Tsunami is generated it will take at least two hours to reach the country.

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