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NPR NEWS 20190619
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Live from NPR news in Washington, I am Jack Spear.
The Pentagon second highest ranking uniformed officer is warning Iran not to engage with US forces being deployed to its **. As NPR’s David Nad explains general Paul Salver’s admonition comes as another one thousand American troops are being sent to the region. While blaming Iran for last week’ attacks on two oil tankers in the gulf of Oman, general Salver also noted there have been no attacks on American assets, ‘engaging our forces, engaging our national interested region is a dangerous thing to do, that’s an extend to which they believe they can get away with. Engaging our force without us responding puts both parties in a place of severe miscalculation. So they shouldn’t engage that activity’. Salver characterised US forces sent to the region as defensive but also part of larger strategy, ‘the pressure is on, the relief to that pressure is getting in and come to the table’. so far though, that’s not happening. David Nad, NPR news, Washington.
Acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan says he is stepping down before his nomination has even gone to the senate. Shanahan said it would cause a painful family situation, he says it will hurt his children and reopen old wounds. President Trump announced Shanahan’s departure to message on Twitter, saying army secretary Mark Asper will be the new acting Pentagon chief. Shanahan had not been formally nominated to the job. The announcement followed the USA today reported domestic violence issues involving Shanahan, his ex-wife and the couple’s son.
Boeing has sold two hundred of its troubled 737 MAX jets that are still grounded worldwide after two catastrophe crashes. NPR’s Camelar Domanasic has more. Boeing already has thousands of 737 MAX orders lined up for future delivery, but this is the first new purchase since the jet was grounded in March. Investigations in the Lion air and Ethiopia airline’s crashes have found the Boeing software sent to the planes toward the ground. Boeing has been working on a fix, but it’s not proved yet. So the purchase of two hundred planes is a big votive confidence from the buyer, international airlines group, that’s the parent company of British airways among other airlines. The new deal is worth 24 billion dollars according to list prices. Camelar Domanasic, NPR news.
It has been described as one of the biggest US drug bus of its kind, US authorities today are seizing thirty three thousand pounds or roughly fifteen thousand kilos of cocaine found aboard a cargo ship in Pheldofia. US attorneys office there is announcing the massive haul saying the cocaine could have a straight value of more than a billion dollars. recorded documents alleged the vessel was loaded off the west coast of south America, then traveled to the US. It’s the latest in a series of big drug bus along the US east coast.
Stocks moved higher today, the DOW gained 353 points, the NASDAQ was up 108 points today.
You are listening to NPR.
San Francisco could become the first city in the US to move toward banning sales of electronic cigarettes, that’s at its city’s supervisors consider whether to institute the ban on sales of so called e-cigas, as means of cutting down on teen vaping. The vote will temporary ban the selling, distribution until the food drug administration can complete a public health review. It also banned the making of e-cigarettes on city property, the measure still requires a subsequent vote before becoming a law though.
Member of candidates in Britain’s conservative party leadership contest have now been ** down to five with former foreign secretary Bos Johnson to get emerging with a strong lead over the rest of the field. From London, NPR’s Afric S reports the five surviving contestants face each other in a nationwide BBC debate. Front runner and former London mayor Bos Johnson chose not to take part in Sunday’s channel four television debate, but he agreed to the BBC debate with the four other remaining candidates he beat earlier in the second secret ballot of conservative party members of parliament. During a scrappy and often noisy debate dominated by brexit, candidates constantly took over each other, ** out one another.  tory party NPs will  pare down the leadership candidates in another vote Wednesday and by Friday, two hopeful should emerge as Britain’s next potential prime minister when the postal vote goes out to a hundred sixty thousand conservative party members, a winner is expected next month. Afric S NPR news, London.
Crude futures prices closed higher, oil up a dollar and ninety seven cents a barrel to end the session at 53.90 a a barrel in New York
I am Jack Spear, NPR news, in Washington.

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