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NPR NEWS 20190819
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Live from NPR News, I am Jeanine Herbst.

President Trump appears to be linking ongoing trade talks with China to help President Xi Jinping handles the pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong. As NPR's T K reports Trump said it would be politically difficult to do a trade deal if there is a violent crackdown on protesters.

Asked about the massive protest in Hong Kong on Sunday, President Trump said he was impressed with the size of the crowds. "I'd love to see it worked out in a humane fashion. And I think we have a great chance of doing it." Trump says he wants Chinese President Xi Jinping to sit down with protesters, but Trump said if China takes aggressive actions against the protesters, there will be tremendous political sentiment not to sign onto a trade deal. "If it does it, Tiananmen Square, it's, I think it's a very hard thing to do if there is violence." Trump refused to say whether he had spoken to Xi and conveyed this view directly. T K, NPR News.

The Iranian oil tanker at the heart of diplomatic tension has sailed away from the British territory of Gibraltar. NPR's / reports from Istanbul that the US failed to seize the ship for itself.

Britain's royal marines impounded the oil tanker near Gibraltar on July 4. They said its cargo - more than two million barrels of Iranian crude oil - was bound for Syria in violation of European Union sanctions. In retaliation, Iran seized a British freight tanker in the Strait of Hormuz. Gibraltar released the ship on Thursday but a US federal court issued a warrant for it, saying the vessel had highest Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Gibraltar authorities say EU law prevents them from detaining the ship to comply with the US warrant. Iranian state media report that  Tehran may send navy ships to escort the tanker. /, NPR News, Istanbul.

Brexit forecasts prepared by British officials and leaked to a major newspaper will get huge disruptions if there is no deal reached with the European Union. / reports British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is launching an effort this week to get the EU to compromise.

Unlike the British government's public statements heralding Brexit as the way to regain sovereignty and economic benefits after splitting from the EU, the leak to / is pessimistic. If no agreement is reached with Brussels before October 31, the internal forecast indicates channel traffic to Europe will be tied up possibly for months, and devised checkpoints on the North Ireland border will be unavailable. And these are not portrayed as worst-case scenarios, but rather the most likely ones.

T. reporting.

Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has died. She was the state's first female governor and led Louisiana through Hurricane Katrina for which she was criticized for being seen as unprepared and overwhelmed. She didn't seek re-election. She battled cancer for years. She died at the age of 76.

This is NPR.

Operators of a migrant rescue ship off Italy's coast say there is an extreme emergency on board and it needs to come ashore. They say some of the migrants are jumping overboard. But as NPR's S reports, Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is prohibiting it from docking.

The rescue ship Open Arms has been blocked for days from docking at Lampedusa island. After a few ailing and underage migrants were allowed to land, the situation among the remaining 107 onboard worsened with aid workers reporting some migrants were self-harming. When four of them jumped overboard, Open Arms founder Oscar Camps said desperation has its limits. A spokeswoman said the emergency situation prevented the ship from sailing to Spain. Salvini, also the leader of the anti-immigrant League party, insists charity rescue boats are colluding with human traffickers based in Libya. The showdown comes as the government jitters after Salvini pulled the plug on his coalition partner, the Five Star Movement, with the aim of triggering early elections. S J, NPR News, Rome.

Despite India's government claiming this week that it was gradually restoring communications and easing a security lockdown on Indian-administered Kashmir, restricts continued today in much of the region. Soldiers manned nearly deserted streets and limited the movement of the few pedestrians out and about. India's Hindu nationalist government put the security lockdown in place on August 5 to downgrade the Muslim majority region's autonomy. India said it started easing the crackdown yesterday.

I am Jeanine Herbst, and you are listening to NPR News from Washington.

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