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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2019-08-26 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20190826
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Live from NPR News in Washington, I am Jeanine Herbst.

An unannounced visitor arrived at the site of the G7 summit in France today, Iran's foreign minister. NPR's Frank Langfitt reports Mohammed Javad Zarif flew in for talks with the French about the stalemate over Iran's nuclear program.

The G7 host and French President Manuel Macron seemed to have sprung this on fellow world leaders. French newspapers say President Trump was only told about it on Saturday. Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal last year and the US has Iran under crippling sanctions. For his part, Macron reportedly tried to find a way to soften sanctions, reduce the tensions with the Americans. With German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the way out and the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, Macron seems to be trying to fill the leadership vacuum in the West. The Iranians say they had no plan to meet with US delegation. As about Zarif's visit today. Trump said no comment. Frank Langfitt, NPR News, Biarritz.

Meanwhile, trade was on the agenda on the second day of the G7 Summit in France. President Trump says he is facing no push back on his trade war with China, although Britain's new prime minister told him he prefers trade peace. / has more.

President Trump had breakfast with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the first meeting between the two men since Johnson took over as UK leader. Trump expressed his support for Johnson personally and for concluding a trade deal after Britain's scheduled departure from the European Union on October 1st. Trump also acknowledged having a second thought about earlier threats to further increase tariffs on Chinese goods. "I have no plan right now. Actually, we are getting along very well with China right now. We are talking." A Whitehouse aid later said Trump's second thoughts were about not implementing higher penalties already. Johnson told Trump he doesn't favour tariffs, a position shared by other European leaders who are concerned about the impact a US-China escalation will have on the global economy. For NPR News, I am /.

Authorities in Los Angeles say a sheriff's deputy lied when he claimed he was shot in the shoulder while standing in a parking lot of the station last week. Angel Reynosa claims led to an urgent manhunt during which schools and residents were ordered to be locked out. The search came up empty and Reynosa admitted he made it all up. Assistant sheriff Kent Wegener says deputy Angel Reynos is now facing a criminal investigation. "Reynos failed to provide information regarding his motivation for this act, the incident investigation is ongoing, and when concluded, it will be presented to the District Attorney's Office for filing consideration." The 21-year-old has been relieved of his duties, but civil rights advocates want him arrested and prosecuted. The head of the project Islamic Hopes says the deputy has to be held accountable for his actions.

Crude oil prices are trading lower down more than 2% in overnight Asian trading. This is NPR News.

Cities across the country are holding events marking the 400 anniversary of slavery in colonial North America. In / Alabama, the sounds of bells rang out from capital and from those run by individuals who were gathered there. /, a / public radio reports that some speakers also called for the removal of statues from capital grounds because they honor individuals who supported slavery.

For four minutes, those assembled rang small bells and said the names of individuals affected by the system of slavery in the United States. Among the group was / , an activist who says that even though slavery was abolished over 150 years old, its legacy is still felt today. "/ much of the murder, the violence and the dropout, and the failure of black children live up to their / white supremacy is still / and /." / also called on Alabama selected officials to remove statues of figures such as Confederal General Robert Lee and James Marion Sims, a 19-century doctor who experimented on enslaved African American women. For NPR News, I am / in /, Alabama.

At the weekend box office, the action sequel "Angel Has Fallen" opened in the top box with 21 million dollars in estimated ticket sales. It's the latest amid budget released to find modest success at the often quite late August box office. "Good Boys", the first / company in more than three years to land add No 1 fell to second place this weekend with 11 million dollars, and the Christian film "Overcome" came in the third place with eight million.

I am Jeanine Herbst, NPR News in Washington.

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