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SENEWS-20200123 Report

Education Report
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The International Olympic committee announced this month that athletes are barred from making political statements at Olympic events. It's said band actions can include making hand signs and bending down on one knee during medal ceremonies and competition. The warning came as part of new guidelines for rule 50 of the Olympic charter. The set of rules governing the Olympic movement. The guidelines state it is a fundamental principle that sport is neutral and must be separate from political, religious or any other type of interference. The president of the I O C Thomas Park noted the eyes of the world will be on the athletes and the Olympic Games. The associated press reported his comments Kristy Coventry is head of the I O C athletes commission, she said the goal of the announcement is to bring clarity to an issue that has been around for a long time, other areas where political statements are not permitted include the field of play at the Olympic Village and during the opening and closing ceremonies. The I O C added that athletes may express their opinions at press conferences in team meetings and on digital media while observing local laws. Last year, 2 athletes from the United States used metal ceremonies at the Pan American games to make what US officials considered political statements. The head of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee  criticized Gray Barry, who specializes in the hammer throw and fencer race imboadent, but 2 were ordered on probation for 12 months for their actions at the games in Lima, Peru. Possibly the most famous example of athletes making political statements came at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. US track and field medalist Tommie Smith and John Carlos each raised one fist in the air in what many thought to be a sign of black power. the I O C Bard, the 2 from competing for the remainder of the Mexico City games. The athlete's commission said any punishment for breaking the rules would be given on a case by case basis as necessary. It said that sports organizations and the athletes national governing bodies will have the power to decide the severity of the punishment. critics of the I O C policy to limit protests. However, say it is still not clear and not different from the group's stated policy for many years. Rural 50 of the Olympic charter States that no kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted. It also bans advertising unless permitted by the I O C. The release of the guidelines takes place at a time when television broadcast and social media enable athletes to send out messages faster and farther. 2 recent examples are former American Football player Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe, a star of the US women's national soccer team. However, critics argue that the I O c does not make clear who will make judgements in individual cases, they also say the guidelines do not say who has the responsibility of carrying out punishment for breaking the rules. Politics have appeared in the Olympic Games many times over the years. Yet the stated goal of the Olympic movement was to keep sports and politics separate critics note that Germany, under Adolf Hitler, held the Olympic Games in 1936. They also point to the way former I O C president Avery Brundage dealt with South Africa during its period of racial separation known as apartheid. Politics caused many Americans to stay away from the Olympics 40 years ago when the US team boycotted the 1980 Moscow games. The United States was protesting the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union. 4 years later, the Soviet team boycotted the Olympics held in Los Angeles, California. Critics of the latest guidelines say they appear to dispute or make less clear the purpose of the games. The charter States the goal of the Olympic movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practice in accordance with Olympus and its values. Possibly with that idea in mind, I O C president Thomas Bach had his picture taken with American and Iranian athletes at the youth Olympic Games earlier this month. The Tokyo Olympic games are set to begin on July 24th, more than 10000 athletes from more than 200 Nations and territories will compete in an event watched by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. I'm Kelly Gene Kelly and I'm Mario Richard junior.

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The internationle alothic comaty anoce this month,that athly are bare from making polidicle statments,at piliefec events.     It said Bained actions can inclould making hansines,and bending down on one ney durning maddle seremonys,and conptation.     The worning came as

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