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标题: [AP news in a minute] AP 2020-02-23 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2020-2-23 07:10     标题: AP 2020-02-23

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作者: 胡芾柠    时间: 2020-2-23 19:32     标题: [Homework]AP 2020-02-23

This is AP news minute. A key ally of President  Donald Trump said thanks but no thanks to the ID of becoming the next director of national intelligence President  Donald Trump was told that Thursday he is interested in considering con Doug Collins  GA for the job, but early Friday, Collins said he's not interested. US Snapped Officials have been asked to 7 day period of reduced violence, a move aimed at paving the way to a peace agreement between the Caliban and  the US Officials say if the pause hold a peace agreement will be signed into hotter on February 29 and 18 years of war America longest war in history, hundreds of grief stricken people flock to Friday prayers in the German town where gunman shot and killed 9 people this weekend. all of immigrant backgrounds before killing his mother and himself residents in the community northeast of Los Angeles got an unexpected visitor when a large black bear wandered into their neighborhood. Early Friday. The bear got close to police officers and reporters apparently not bothered by the close contact with humans that Vergers says it a press with AP news minute.
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This is AP news minute.    A key airline of president Donald Trump said thanks but no thanks to the idea of becoming the next recold of national intelligence,president Trump told reporters late Thursday he's intested in considering congressman Goga Colans of George for the job,that early Friday Colen said he's not interested.


  to the idea of becoming the next recor of mesural intelligence.

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