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标题: [Report] SENEWS-2020-03-12 [打印本页]

作者: qingchengshan    时间: 2020-3-12 08:20     标题: SENEWS-2020-03-12

SENEWS-20200312 Report

Education Report
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作者: Calebzhang    时间: 2020-3-13 22:19

1# qingchengshan

Rushon lawmakers have aproved consed totionle changes to permet presdent flader poten to remain in power past 2024.
Rushes lawerhouse of parloment past the magers Wednesday by avote a three hundred forty three to zero.
Firty three menbers did not take part in the vote.

作者: Calebzhang    时间: 2020-3-13 22:20

2# Calebzhang 22:07
Lesson 1 A private conversation
First listen,and then answer the question:Why did the writer complain to the people behind him?
Last week,I went to the theatre.   I had a very good sit.   The play was very interesting.   I did not enjoy it.
A young man,and a young woman were sitting behind me.    They were talking loudly.   I got very angry.
I could not hear the actors.    I turned around.    I looked at the man and the woman angrily.
They did not pay any attention.     In the end,I could not bear it.    I turned around again.
I can't hear a word!   I said angrily.   It's none of your business.   The man said rudely.  This is a private conversation!

作者: 橙柚妈妈咪    时间: 2020-3-16 11:54

Russian law makers have approved constitutional changes to permit President Vladimir Putin to remain in power passed 2024. Russia’s Low House of Parliament passed the measures Wednesday by a vote of 343 to 0. Forty-three members didn’t take part in the vote. The Constitution requires Putin to step down in 2024 when his 4th presidential term ends. The new reforms would permit him to seek an additional 2 terms. The 67-year-old Putin has been an influential part of Russian politics for twenty years as either President or Prime Minister. Russia’s Constitutional Court must approve the constitutional changes for them to take effect. A nation-wide vote on the proposed man-month is set for April 22. The measures extend more powers to the presidency. They also ban same sex marriage and declare a belief in God as one of Russian’s traditional values. Putin made an appearance in Parliament on Tuesday to argue that term limits were less important in times of crisis. In his words, “the measures are needed and I am sure they will be useful for society, for our citizens”. Russian government critics and opposition groups condemned the Parliamentary reaction and called for protests. ...

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