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标题: [VOA] VOA 2020-05-27 [打印本页]

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作者: f19061623    时间: 2020-5-27 09:06

1# qingchengshan hw
This is via news the remote control to the stock market is having a very good day. It is up 675 points, reflecting a very strong performance by Asian markets overnight. Concept of the council advisor Larry kudlow earlier today was asked why the stock market with so much unemployment. Sorry, I'm new cases. Second of all, talk about speeding movement vaccine, um, moving faster than these companies have ever done before. We can regulate a lot, a lot to do that. We are partnering with the private sector as a present transfer policy. Also a lot of progress on therapy medicine. My service this summer. I spoke to reporters earlier today. The world health organization's executive director, DR. Mike Ryan, has warned that the world remains in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak as countries continue to struggle to contain it and others rapidly re open evening surprise. After Ryan said cases were climbing all over the world. He also had a warning for those countries where it appears they they've got the virus on the run. No way to know that. It's going to get a number of months. When prisoners on may 26, a ceasefire by the militants enters its 3rd and final day of fighting, which came into effect on may 24. To Mark the muslim holiday of each outfit was for the most part been maintained  The country. This is VOA news.
作者: f19061616    时间: 2020-5-27 09:45

homeworkthis is VOA news is start a very good day white house is today asked why with so much unemployment matality second of all speeding movement move fast we are private center also many cent is cost loads is doctor my lives is another reopen cases all of the world it appears at any time we can make sumptuous it plans release on may 26 and final days which came worst across the countries stormy weathers tomorrow is dragon start space station at 9 years deploy to sport contractors living government airbase where be painted close with sporting national the government the goals maxico cities the workers during the protest said they are uniform and even dead destination yesterday said it is going to on July firsy on monday against open lifting the logical reopen locked down the nation cities nearby the second in row on the tusday failure vistit their family there remote and this is VOA.
作者: mengdejiang    时间: 2020-5-27 23:55     标题: [Homework]VOA 2020-05-27

1. The stock market is having a good day. It's up to 675 points,reflecting a very strong performance in the Asian market overnight, The white house economic consular adviser xxx was asked why the booming market is with so much unemployment.There are a number of reasons . First of all, all the curves are flattening and moving downward, mortlity and new cases. Second of all, a lot talk about speeding the movement towards vaccine, movig daster than theose companies have done before. We deregulated a lot to allow to do that. We are parterning with the private sector, that's President's philosophy. Also, a lot of progress on therapy and medicine, which may surface this summer.   Mr xxx spoke to reporters earlier this day.
2. WHO 's executive director xxxx has warned that the world remains in the midst of coronavirus outbreak and countries continue to struggle to contain it. Another rapidly reopen even as the case rise. Dr. xxx says cases are climbing all over the world. He also had warning for those countries where is appears they got the virus on the run.The disease can jump off any time, We can not make assumptions. Just because the virus is on its way down now. It's going to keep going down and we are going the get the numbet_________________.
3 TheAfghanistan gov plans to release 900 more Taliban prisoners on May 26 th. That's a ceasefire by the militants enter its third and final day. The break fighting which came into effect on May 24 th to mark thr Muslim holiday of eat-out fittet was for the most part maintained across the country.
4. Storming weather is theatneing to delay Space X's first astronaut launch. A space x's rocket is scheduled to blast off tomorrow from Florida, carrying a drugon capsule of NASA and astronauts xxx and xxx to the International space station, the firdt time astronauts launched from the US in 9 years in the firt private company.
5. US- Africa command says Russia recently deployed military fighters aircraft to Lybia, to support Russia State's sponsor private military contractors or helping forces fighting the UN's support in Lybian government. Thr Russian fighter aircraft arrived at xxx in Lybia from an air base in Russia, after stopping in syria, where they were repainted to camoufldge their Russian origin, according to Africa. com. The fighter jets are expected to reply close to air support for Eussia military contract_____with the ____group, who have been supporting Lybian strong man general xxx, Labian national army in their year long offence against the country's gov of nation accord.
6. Dozens of Maxicon health workers in Mexico city are demanding that authorities provide them with proper personal protective equipment, needed for attending to coronavirus patients. The workers that block the roads in the capital city during the protest blame Mexican officals are putting their health at the risk by giving them poorly made equipment. Protesters said they are asked to reuse the uniforms and 95 masks after several of their collegues became infected and even died.
7 Two of Europe's hottest vacation destination made major steps towards getting their tourist back yesterday. The Spanish gov says it is going to allow international flight without two week quarantine, starting on July 1st. Greece, too, is calling out for vacationers and their money on Monday, at  open its aisle to travel as well allowing cafe, restaurants to reopen as part of the gradual lifting of restrictions. Italy's world famous __________ xxx reopened too, the pulich yesterday as the country;s lockdown lifted, though there are more guides than tourists. The reception_______remain an ancient city ____________ covered in volcano ash 2000 years ago, after the eruption of nearby mountain xxxx are usually the country's 2nd most visited sight, after the xxx in the Rome. But on Tuesday it's most iconic influence like the xxx theatres lay abslutely empty.
8. A junior British gov minister xxx resigned Tuesday over PM BJ's failure to fire his top aide for breaching coronavirus lockdown rules by treaveling to visit his family.

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