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SENEWS-20200527 Report

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Food banks in the United States have struggled to meet increasing demand from people who can not pay for food because they have lost their jobs.At the same time,famers can not sell much of their crap many vegetables and meat from farm animals go to waste.Now some states are providing money to help pay for such food.The US Department of Agriculture USDA expending 3 billion dollars to help get farm craps to food banks.Nobody likes to see waste of good food said Mark /.He is the executive director of the regional food bank of northestern NY.But when the coronavirus spread forced restuarants and schools to close,demand for farm products dropped,leaving farmers with two grades of food supply.Farmers from Florida to California left their craps to die。Dairy farmers in / and New York had to throw away millions of liters of milk.And animal farmers killed their animals that could not be processed for meat.Now,as 39 million Americans have lost their jobs,many depend on food banks to feed them and their families at low cost.In Florida,12 food banks had to increase the food they provide from 6 million pounds of food per week to 10 million pounds.A US sences B report found that more than 10% of families will not able to get enough food.Another report for the non-profit policy group DATA foundation says that 37% of those who lost their jobs did not have enough food in the past 30 days.The US DA and private companies are trying to make sure that food that would have been wasted is now getting in to food banks.New York state created a 25-million dollar program to help food banks by local crops.Mark / said he is planning to use the 4.3 million dollars his food bank will receive to buy milk,cheese and other food.Chris / has a dairy farm in northwestern New York state.He said that Nourish New York program but some of the milk he would have thrown away.He worked with other dairy farmers in western New York to send their milk and cheese to a food bank in New York city.N said he wants to be able to meet the needs of our community with the food we produce and not to see it go to waste.And Iowa state officials and the Iowa pork producer's association have raised more than 130,000 dollars to help pay to make pig-meat for food banks.So far,364 pigs have been donated.The last thing we want to do is waste anything,said /.He donated 7 pigs from his northern Iowa farm to the program this month.Other states such as Florida and California had exisiting programs to help them donated crops to food banks by paying part of the cost of harvesting then.Those programs are getting a lot of donations now.California is adding two million dollars to the program.The biggest effort is the 3 billion dollars US DA program to buy crops for food banks.That program has been slowed by / issues.Credits are questioning the qualifications of several companies that received the first 1.2 billion dollars worth of the contracts./ of the filling taxes / food banks said some of the companies that got this people are kind of scratching their heads like wait,this is the end of food distributor where they /.One of the companies that own a contract for example,is a marrige ceremony planning business in San Antonio Texas.B is chief of brothers produce,a houston based vegetable distributer.It sort a contract with the US DA but was denied.Arron / said he is concerned that the US DA program will for short of its cost because of the company's /.There is just no way or shape this will help the farmer or the end user that's going to need this product.he said.US DA officials said they fully believe the choosen companies can complete the job.
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