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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-06-27 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200627
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1.    Another day of record high cv infections in the US with around 40,000 ppl testing positive for the virus that causes Covid-19 yesterday, that was an all-time high. It comes at the same time govts of both Texas and Florida are now being forced to pull back from their recent re-openings, shuttering bars in an effort to prevent further spread. Texas Govr Greg Abbott has pursued one of the most aggressive reopening of any state, but today announced bar closures and severe limits on restaurants. There've been rising death rates and hospitalizations around the country in recent days.

2.    Starting today though Texas' bars will again close after a dramatic increase in cv, XX from member station, Houston Public Media reports, the Govr's executive order also scales back some other services.

Bars and similar businesses must close for in-person service, but can stay open for delivery and takeout. Restaurants may continue dine-in service; however, starting Monday they can only operate at 50% capacity, down from 75%. Texas was one of first states to begin reopening but has seen a dramatic spike in cases since June 1. There's also renewed concerns about hospital capacity. Earlier in the week, Abbott put a halt on elective surgeries in 4 counties as hospitalizations climbed to more than 4,000 statewide.

3.    Federal judges move to block New York State from enforcing cv restrictions limiting the size of indoor religious gatherings to just 25% of capacity when some other type of gatherings are limited to 50%. Judge Gerry Sharp today enjoining Govr Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and State Attorney General Letitia James from enforcing some of the capacity restrictions put in place by executive order that trying contain the spread of the cv, though the Govr's office and the city of New York say they will view the ruling.

4.    On Wall Street......with Florida, Texas and other sunbelt states reporting a spike.......bounced partway back......reluctant to go out spend money......
Taking a look at the numbers, the Dow.....

4.    The Minneapolis city council has unanimously voted to advance a plan that could one day do away with the city's police department. The move comes following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police last month. The city council voting today in favor of a proposal to amend the City Charter, replacing the current department with the Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention which would take in more public health-oriented approach of policing. Still more obstacles remain before it could be put for the voters as a referendum in November.

5.    Heavily-armed gunmen pulled off a brazen attack this morning against the police chief of Mexico City. NPR's XX reports, the chief survived, but two bodyguards and a passerby were killed.

The chief, Omar Garcia Harfuch, was injured in the attack and transferred to local hospital where he is in stable condition. In a tweet send from Garcia's official account, he said he had been hit by three bullets and shrapnel. He called the attack cowardly and tied to Mexico's most violent criminal gang, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.
Mexico’s President said the ambush was tied the chief's work to guarantee peace and tranquility. Earlier this month a federal judge who handled organized crime cases was gun down by armed men in his home alongside his wife.

6.    Amazon says it's buying the self-driving technology company Zoox in a deal that analysts have pegged it being______ worth upwards_____ of a billion dollars.
From 6 years ago, in California Zoox is developing an autonomous vehicle for a ride-hailing service. People would request using their phones. Amazon did not disclose exactly how much it is paying for Zoox.

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