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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-05 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200705
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Several states are seeing surges in the number of new cv cases mainly in the south and the west. Florida has seen more than 11,400 new cases just since Friday. As NPR's XX reports. That shutters the state's single day record.
It's a unwelcome milestone. And that's one that Florida has set repeatedly in past two weeks. Even the first time recently that the state has top 10,000 cases in a day. But Florida is not alone. South Carolina, Texas and a slew of other states have set grim record of their own recently as the virus has surge across the south and southwest. As a result local officials from Cincinnati to Boizir ___ their reopening plan and implementing new restrictions. In south Florida that includes closed beaches and canceled fireworks displays, making for a rather somber 4th of July.

And as more countries ease lockdown measure and cases of Covid -19 rise globally, the World Health Organizations concern that some young adults are not taking the threat of the virus seriously. XX reports, WHO officials warn that severe cases and even death are happening to people of all ages.
In some places recent spikes in cv infections have been concentrated among people in their late teens and twenties. Though many of those infections may be mild, the WHO's chief scientist XX says the virus still poses a potential serious threat to younger people's health.
We have to remember young people are not immune from severe disease or death. It's less common than in older people but we should not become complacent that it's fine for young people to get infected.
Some children and teens who'd been infected suffer from severe and inflammatory syndrome and large outbreaks among young adults threatens to spread the virus further throughout the community.
And the total number of cv cases in the US now tops 2.8 million.

BLM protest continue around the country. In Cleveland:
"No justice, no peace. No equality___, no peace."
Protesters gathered this afternoon, calling for the defunding and the demilitarizing of police. Many hold signs saying "fund the community not the cops and stand against hate". Meanwhile at a National Action Network rally today in New York City, Reverend Al Sharpton said justice is not assured for black men who are killed.
"Just because they have some charged some police, in George Floyd and in Ahmaud Arbery, that is only one phase. We still have to do with trials  and law."
And spurred by broad public support for the BLM movement thousands of activists from around the country will hold a virtual convention in August to produce a new political agenda that seeks to build on the success of the protests.

This summer's primaries exposed a glaring need for America's election officials, finding space big enough to accommodate a lot of voters, while also following CDC's social distancing guidelines. Now, as NPR's XX reports, NBA teams are stepping in to try and help .
Three NBA teams, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Detroit have offered up their facilities to support democracy this fall. In Atlanta the Hawks has finalized a deal for the team's arena will be used as early-voting center with hundreds of stadium employees being trained as poll workers. The plan will also help a transportation, says XX, she's a guard at Atlanta's WNBA team, the Atlanta Dream.
People can't get to the polls. so you talk about arena, you talk about different places like that. Well, now you have public transit that they can get there.
XX says she hopes other basketball teams will follow Atlanta's lead. More than a third of the NBA teams are in presidential battleground states.

The Cleveland Indians baseball team is joining Washington DC's NFL team in reviewing its nickname. In a statement, Cleveland says it's committed to advancing social justice and equality and says it plans to evaluate the nickname that it has since 1905. Two years ago, Cleveland removed its "Chief Wahoo" logo from caps and jerseys worn by the team. For Washington’s NFL team, the decision to review the name came after FedEx and other corporate property of partners rather. FedEx paid 205 million dollars for naming rights to the team's stadium. They all called for the team to change that nickname.

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