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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-08 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200708
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1    The T adm is taking a clear stand in the debate over whether it's safe for kids to go back to school. As NPR's XX reports, PT says kids must go back.
PT along with several top members of his adm took part in ___ today promoting that idea. State and local leaders who have jurisdiction over schools are wrestling with the question right now as cv cases increase across the country. But PT said today that anyone who doesn't open the schools in the fall is simply doing so for political reasons.
"They figures it's going to be good for them politically. So they keep the schools closed. No way, so we are very much going to put pressure on governors and everybody else to open the schools."
But there is no evidence that governors or Democrats want to keep schools closed for political reasons.

2.    Arizona has now set a national record for most cv cases per capita than any time during the pandemic. As XX from member station KJZZ reports, with demands for ICU beds on the rise, some patients are being sent elsewhere to get care.
A Pima County health official says a surge plan has historically been emplaced to transfer patients as needed, especially in rural areas. But ____ on the caseload has dramatically increased, so has the need for available ICU beds. Officials say the state does not have the treatment capacity it currently requires.
Quoted XX, those numbers come on the same day the total number of the US cv cases is nearing to 3 million mark. Taxes meanwhile set a one day record of 10,000 cv cases today.

3.    Brazil has more confirmed cv infections in anywhere except the US. Now as NPR's XX reports, its president is also tested positive.
Since the pandemic began, Jair Bolsonaro has faced worldwide criticism for downplaying the cv. Today he stepped in front of the cameras and revealed he's contracted what he want dismissed as a little flu.
Bolsonaro was tested Monday after complaining of feeling tired and feverish. The fact that he'd been infected shows he's a human like anyone else, he said. Bolsonaro has caused widespread anger by repeatedly defying social distancing rules. On Saturday he lunched with US Ambassador Todd Chapman. There were photographs, standing shoulder to shoulder, without masks. Bolsonaro wore a mask for today's announcement. ____ he stepped back, ___ it off, and declared he's feeling fine.

4.    Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says for the first time in his 40-year political career he will not be attending the Republican National Convention. Grassley says while moving the convention to Florida was probably the right thing to do since North Carolina officials did not feel it was safe. He will not be attending himself over cv concerns. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee has also said he would not be going both men on their 80s.

5.    On Wall Street today, the Dow fell 396 points.

6.    B__ forecast from the EU shows the 27-nation bloc is like to suffer even larger fall than forecast. The EU executive committee is saying it expects the EU economy being contract by 8.3% this year before growing 5.8% next year. EU says it revised its 2020 forecast because the lifting of lockdown measures that proceeding in a more gradual pace than was assumed in the spring.

7.    The big data company Palantir has filed for a stock market listing. NPR's XX reports, it would be one of Silicon Valley's largest public offering since Uber made its debut about one year ago.
Palantir is one of the biggest and oldest private tech companies. And it's known for being very secretive. It analysis data for clients like the CIA and FBI. Going public will mean revealing a lot more about its business. Palantir was cofounded 17 years ago by Peter Thiel. The tech billionaire who help start Paypal支付宝 and has become a supporter of President Trump. The company has raised billions of dollars from investors and was reported valued at as much as 20 billion dollars. But its work with government agencies including immigration and customs enforcement has drown protests from civil rights advocates. While Palantir announced it has filed paperwork to go public, it did not share details about its plans.

8.    达科塔石油管道被紧急关闭,公司方上诉请求暂缓,法官驳回。
A federal judge is rejecting request for an emergency order to delay shutting down the Dakota Access pipeline while attorneys appeal a court ruling calling for an environmental review. Pipeline attorneys filed that motion today. The lawyer representing the pipeline said the shutdown would require a number of time consuming staffs.

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