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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-13 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200713
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1.    The WHO is reporting a record increase in global cv cases. NPR's XX reports, infections are continuing to spike in the US, India, Brazil and SA.
More than 230,000 new cases were reported in the 24-hour period according to the WHO. That's the largest ___ new cases since the outbreak began and a sign the virus remains far from under control. The US made up a big portion of that case total with more than 66,000 new cases. Brazil also reported a staggered 45,000 new cases. Today the WHO reports more than 12 million ppl have been sickened globally by the cv and roughly half a million have died.

2.    The Trump adm is continuing to pressure states to reopen schools amid a surge of new cv infections in the US. Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union", Education Secretary Betsy DeVos doubled down on her call for students to return to the classroom in the fall.
"I know for a fact that where are many schools they have been working hard to put together their plans for moving ahead. And we want to see every school district, every state doing the same thing. We're a country of action. We're a country of doers."
DeVos did not offer details on how the Education Department would advise or help states in reopening schools.
Public health officials warned that at one side with all the approach in doing so could lead to further outbreaks of the cv.

3.    Oregon govr Kate Brown and the state's two Democratic Senators are blaming PT for the shooting at a peaceful protester in Portland last night.
Jxx Lxx, from Oregon public broadcasting reports, a 26-y-old was shot in the head by federal law enforcement officers.
In a video posted online, 26-y-old Donavan LaBella is seen holding speaker above his head. Shots of impact munitions冲击弹 can be heard and LaBella colapsed to the ground. LaBella's mama says Donavan LaBella came up a surgery for facial and skull fractures early this morning.
Govr Brown and US Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley are laying blame for the shooting at President Trump's feet. On Friday Trump said he sent federal law enforcement officers to Portland, claiming local officials have lost control of the situation after 6 weeks of racial justice protests.
In a statement, Governor Brown says the incident was a tragic and avoidable result of the President pushing for force in violence in response to protests.
On twitter, Wyden says Trump and Homeland Security must now answer for why federal officers are acting like an occupying army.

4.    Authorities are working to determine the cause of an explosion on a Navy ship in southern California. 17 sailors were injured at a Naval base in San Diego.

5.    Mass was celebrated today on the ground of a historically Catholic church in Southern California that was heavily damaged by fire on Saturday. The blaze destroyed the rooftop and most of the interior of San Gabriel Mission圣盖博教堂. The church was currently under renovation to mark its upcoming 250th anniversary.

6.    North Atlantic right whales露脊鲸 have been designated critically endangered. Molly Saniel of member station WABE reports, about 400 of them are living today. And fewer than 100 are breeding age females.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature says right whales are now on its list of critically endangered species, a step away from being extincted in a while. Peter Chorpron, a senior scientist of New England Aquarium, says human are responsible for the decline.
"They are getting hit by ships and boats, and they are getting entangled in fishing gear."
The federal govt is working on rules to reduce whales entanglements in lobstering and crabing gear. But there's tension with fishing associations. Ten kepts were ___ this winter. One was found dead recently and another was last seen months ago with serious injuries, both had been hit by ships.

7.    The search for the missing television actress Naya Rivera has resumed in Southern California. Authorities believe Rivera drowned in a lake in Ventura County. She had gone voting with her young son who was later found by rescue teams. The 33 year old actress starred in the TV comedy musical "Glee". 网上看的 带4岁儿子游泳自己淹死了

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