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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-15 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200715
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PT asserts that most of the ppl who die at the hands of police are white. NPR's XX reports, on the PT's latest response to ongoing concerns about racial discrepancies in US law enforcement.
PT dismissed a question by a CBS reporter about why so many black ppl have been killed by police.
"And so are white people. So are white people. What a terrible question to ask. So are white people, more white people by the way, more white people."
It is true more white ppl have died from police shootings according to a Washington Post data base of police shootings. But the rate is far higher for African-Americans. T also discussed the Confederate battle flag which he called a freedom of speech issue. He said he knew of ppl who like the Confederate flag and they are not thinking of slavery.

Death Penalty opponents are raising questions among whether the first federal execution since 2003 was legal. NPR's XX reports Daniel Lewis Lee died by lethal injection early this morning in Indiana.
Attorney general William Barr had scheduled the execution for Monday at 4 pm. But Daniel Lee wasn't put to dead until 8 o'clock the following morning after legal challenges that made their way to the Supreme Court. People who advocate against capital punishment say the Justice Department may not have followed a appropriate procedures including notice to Lee's lawyer that they will proceed with Lee's own___ injection. Lee's lawyers say the govt rushed to the executions without letting key issues plan___ in lower courts. The attorney general says justice was done. And his spokeswoman called the notice issue a last minute procedural claim that had been resolved.

Immigration and customs enforcement has agreed to rescind a Trump adm rule that would bar international student attending online universities while staying in the US. That was during a hearing today in a lawsuit brought by two universities. XX with member station WGBH in Boston has more.
Federal judge XX said ICE came to an agreement with MIT and Harvard, the two universities who brought the lawsuit in an effort to block the enforcement of the rule. The legal action comes as at least 8 similar lawsuits were filed this week against the Trump adm and more than 200 universities publically backed the MIT-Harvard lawsuit, arguing that the rule will pose a health risk for students, faculty and others.

Delta Airlines reported a major decline in second quarter earnings_____ signs of recovery that could well be a setback again by an uptake of the cv in the south and the west. Delta says for the three months ending in June it lost 5.7 billion dollars.

Another ___ trading day on Wall Street, stocks gain ground. The Dow was up 556 points. The NASDAK rose 97 points today.

US and Canada appeared poised to extend their agreements to keep their shared border closed to nonessential travel for at least another 30 days. Extending the current order to August 21st if no final announcement has been made. That's according to an official, not authorized to speak publically, have announcement expected this week.

Britain has said it will ban its telecom providers from using Huawei. NPR's XX reports, other European countries will discuss whether to block the Chinese giant from their 5G networks in talks this week in Paris.
Britain’s mobile providers are now banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after this year and must remove the Chinese firm's 5G kits from their networks by 2027. France's state-controlled network Orange has already chosen Huawei's European rivals Nokia and Ericsson. But last month Spain's national intelligence service certified Huawei's software is safe and compliant. And Italy and Sweden are so far building their 5G networks with Huawei. Some East European countries relying on NATO military protection have heeded US warnings to take a tougher line. Wariness of Huawei has increased in Europe after C's delay in announcing the cv and its handling of the crisis.

A Confederate monument that has been a diverse symbol of racism from many has been removed from the campus of University of Mississippi's Oxford. Crews are taking down the monument today and moving it to a civil war cemetery. It excluded part of campus. Students and faculty for years have been pushing for the university to take down the Confederate monument.

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