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标题: [美国国家公共广播] NPR 2020-07-20 [打印本页]

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NPR NEWS 20200720
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1.     Several Democratic leaders in congress are demanding an immediate investigation into the trump administration's use of violent tactics against Portland protesters. As NPR's XX reports, the request comes amid ongoing protests over police brutality and racism.
The lawmakers are calling for an investigation into the use of force against what they say are peaceful protests in Portland and elsewhere. This comes after reports of federal agents in camouflage and tactical gear jumping out of unmarked vehicles to detain and search protesters in Portland this week. In a letter to the inspector general of both the Justice and Homeland Security Departments, the Democratic lawmakers criticized the trump administration for "arresting American citizens in the dead of night". They want to know each time the administration has authorized the use of force in response to people exercising their First Amendment Rights.

2.     The number of cv case factions in the US has risen to more than 3.7 million, with more than 140,000 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which also shows rising numbers in several states, but mask mandates around the country vary by state and city. The lawmakers say rising numbers have been changing their minds. Republican governor XX of arkansas is now requiring face coverings.
"Because we did see an increase in cases in the community not tied to where we have lifted restrictions. We did take the further step instituting the statewide mask mandate."
Mask are also required now in Colorado, Democratic governor XX says they shouldn't be a partisan issue.
"Mask are take it more freedom. It makes less likely that businesses will be shutted. And it's less likely that people will die, makes it more likely, school will return."
XX is speaking there to ABC's "This Week"

3.    EU leaders are haggling for a third day over $800 billion budget to revive its pandemic-hit economies. XX reports.
The Dutch Prime minister XX wants to withhold funds from member states like Hungary, unless they meet to EU's democratic standards. That have been raged Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who spoke to reporters in Brussels.
"I don't know what is the personal reason for the Dutch Prime Minister ___ me or Hungery. But he is attacking so hashly."
The EU has long criticized Orban for cracking down on courts civil society and media. Orban says the criticism is politically motivated.
"If somebody is not ready to accept the rule of law, sould leave the European Union immediately."
But Orban is threatening to veto the EU budget if it includes a kabiya____about rule of law.

4.    As the number of cv cases around the country continues to grow, the FDA has now issued an emergency use authorization to allow pool testing. As a method, they can dramatically increase the country's capacity to identify cases. One test covers as many 4 samples at one time that will allows for quicker results while preserving scarce supplies.

5.    A major league baseball is set to resume an ___ season_______ later this week. XX reports, one of America's favorite pastimes though will look different in the age of cv.
Some of the players masked, high five, ___ socialy distanced air slabs instead, the stands empty, carboard cut out taking the place of funs with pre-recorded cheers ring through the stadium. Exibation games played in Washington, New York and Pittsburgh this weekend get a peek at what shorten 16 regular season will look like. It begins Thursday with games in DC and La, despite the changes.
"We are so happy been be back."
That's Matt first base man XX, one team that won't be back to play at home to Toronto Blue Jays. The Canadian government says it's not safe for the players to return from the US, the world worst cv-hit country.

6.    This is said to be a big waydown on Wall Street as some major companies are set to release second quarter earnings, including Tesla and Microsoft. Both of those companies have seen huge gains this year helping to ____markets higher. Arizon and American Express will also release their earnings.

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